Discover the daring world of heroes and experience the thrall of emergency scenarios in the safety of a science centre.

RESCUE – New Exhibition on now until May 15, 2022

Most people wonder how they would react in an emergency. Could you rescue a swimmer if you were the first on the scene with your jet ski? Now you can test your rescue instincts in 17 different interactive situations in Spark's new exhibition, RESCUE!

Search and rescue operations take place every minute, every hour, every day, all around the world. Responsive operations are lifelines to many people in times of need, but what does a rescue scenario really involve on land, air and sea? Step into the shoes of everyday heroes to find out!

Think with your hands and race lifeguards on a water scooter, save a child from a great fire, hop into a rescue helicopter, and more! Learn about the technology and techniques that rescuers use in life-and-death situations through exciting hands-on and full-body experiences.


Jan 12 – May 15, 2022


RESCUE is included with general admission or membership to Spark

RESCUE Includes 17 Full-Body Experiences

Fire Experience

Enter this room and be hit by the elements. With heat topping and smoke obscuring your vision, guests are encouraged to drop low and feel their way through this replica burning building.

Science education links: physics, biology, chemistry, heat and temperature.

Ropes and Knots

Would you trust yourself to tie a knot to save a life? Knots, although simple, are used for specialist purposes. Learn where and when to use particular knots and how to tie them.

Science education links: mathematics (topology).

Helicopter Rescue

Step into the shoes of a helicopter rescue team as you climb aboard a life-size helicopter. Choose to fly a simulator or use the infrared camera to search around the exhibition.

Science education links: physics, biology, engineering, technology and innovation.

Wave Rescue

A radio-call has come in alerting you to a swimmer who has been washed out to sea. You and your friend must navigate jet skis around the obstacles to rescue the swimmer. You have just three minutes. Who will reach the swimmer first?

Science education links: technology and innovation, mathematics (mapping), earth science.

Pulleys Share The Load

Learn how pulley systems give a mechanical advantage when pulling casualties to safety. Guests operate one of three stations to compare the effort needed to pull the casualty to safety. This exhibit educates guests about the advantages of using multiple pulleys and their use – not only for rescue, but in everyday life.

Science education links: physics, simple machines and mathematics, technology and innovation.

Mayday, Mayday!

A distress call comes through on the radio – it is panicked, rushed and hard to hear. With no time to lose, you must pick out the most important details and piece together what is needed to perform the sea rescue.

Science education links: problem solving, boats and buoyancy, light and sound, and biology (hearing and sound), mapping and graphing.

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Rescue! is included with admission or membership to Spark!

General admission to Spark Science Centre is an all-inclusive experience giving guests full access and free dome shows.

Members and Children ages 0-2 are free!

Memberships start at $55 and pays for itself in less than 3 visits.


Ages 3-17


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Ages 65+


Ages 18-64


6 people max, up to 2 adults


    • What ages is RESCUE suitable for?

      RESCUE is a fun and interactive family-friendly designed for ages 5-12, however, the subject material and exhibit content will have broad appeal for both younger and older audiences.

    • How much are tickets?

      RESCUE is included with your admission or membership to TELUS Spark Science Centre! No additional charges.

    • How many exhibits are included in this exhibition?

      RESCUE consists of 17 interactive exhibits with accompanying inbuilt, durable graphic panels that outline instructions for the guests and relate interesting science facts in everyday terms.

Got what it takes to be a hero?

Discover the science behind the superpowers of real-life hereos in life and death situations!

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