Ready, Set, Robot!

Ready, Set, Robot!

Coding for students in grades 5-8

A unique coding and robotics experience alongside Flint the robo-dog!  

Ready, Set, Robot! is a week-long intensive in-school program that introduces students in grades 5-8 to the inspiring world of coding and robotics through a motivational project-based experience.

Unlike many coding programs, this is not designed to attract those already interested in coding. All students will take part with the aim of reaching youth who might not think that coding could be “for them.”

What can be expected during the residency 

During the week-long program, students will participate in a series of coding and robotics workshops that will expand their understanding and level of comfort with basic coding concepts.

This learning has a purpose! The week will consist of exploring the connections between hardware and software, foundational concepts within coding languages, coding literacy and de-bugging code – all directed toward a final project that they will present on the last day of the week-long residency.

And last but not least, Flint, Spark’s resident robo-dog and coding ambassador will travel to the classroom as a source of inspiration for students, and will attend the wrap-up day as co-emcee for the celebration of the students’ work.

How to Book!

The cost for Ready, Set, Robot! is $750 and is currently available to book for schools within a 50-kilometre radius of the science centre.

This residency consists of 18 hours of instruction, spread over five days and flexible to class schedules! Flexibility in scheduling is also available to schools that book multiple classes for this program. Classes may include up to 30 students, with no minimum number of students required.

Flint was adopted by Spark thanks to a generous anonymous donor.

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