Moonshots At Spark
Available at Spark until August 20

Shoot for the moon at Spark!

Help inspire kids with every onsite purchase of a limited edition moon cookie and drink!

This is the summer to dream big at Spark!

But dreaming is hungry work – so to help fuel your imagination at Spark and to celebrate the Apollo 11 mission, which flew the first humans to the moon 53 years ago, a limited edition moon cookie is now available for purchase (along with your choice of milk or coffee, of course).

And here’s the BIG news: for every purchase of a cookie and milk or cookie and coffee combo, a donation will be made toward Spark’s campaign to re-invent the science centre. A big thanks to this generous anonymous Calgary donor for helping Spark achieve its moonshot, and for inspiring thousands of Spark visitors to go after theirs!

Cookie and Milk Shot Combo | $3.50 |

An out-of-this-world classic combo, featuring white or chocolate milk.

Cookie and Coffee Shot Combo | $6.50 |
While a moon cookie and Monogram coffee make a perfect pair, go intergalactic by adding a shot of Baileys for $5 more.

moonshot noun.

1: a great big leap, ambitious mission or totally awesome goal. 2: something Spark wants to know all about!

Stop by Spark to buy a cookie combo and share your own moonshot story!

Between July 20 and August 20, visit the big moonshot photo wall on the main floor (near the front doors) to snap a few great pics, share your moonshot story and then post on social with the hashtag #sparkforthemoon!

Spark’s moonshot: transforming the Calgary science centre

To help advance a better understanding of science and inspire the workforce of tomorrow, Spark is on a five-year journey to reinvent itself into one of the world’s leading science experiences – a beacon of imagination, innovation and curiosity. After all, when people are curious, anything is possible! In addition to buying a moon cookie combo at Spark, learn more about Spark’s ongoing transformation and consider a donation below.

Learn more about Spark’s ongoing transformation today.

Dog Days of Summer Officially Starts August 1

Celebrate the longest days of the sunny season during the Dog Days of Summer at Spark! Learn about Sirius the brightest star in the Earth’s sky, which is latin for “greater dog” and so much more! Dog Days of Summer starts August 1 and goes until September 5.

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