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it's been a hair-raising year

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Help Calgary’s one and only science centre celebrate its 10th anniversary with strength

For $10, you can be a part of building a brighter future where the affinity for science keeps us all safer.

Springtime is when we usually feel the most optimistic, yet this year we’re exhausted, for a million good reasons. We need to connect, us homo sapiens, in order to recharge. Instead, the pandemic is draining us.

The pandemic is draining the Calgary Science Centre too.

As a non-profit, TELUS Spark Science Centre has been destabilized by the necessary shutdown. The science centre’s purpose — to help people fall in love with science – relies on ticket sales and memberships. 80% of the annual budget normally walks through the door. And those doors have been closed since December including several months throughout 2020. Spark is suffering right now because the piece we’re missing most is you. We miss seeing the wonder and delight of discovery on so many faces.

For TELUS Spark Science Centre, the pandemic has been intense. Spark needs you.

All donations to Spark, a registered charity, go directly to creating science programming, education, and experiences that keep the community connected. Spark is leading the way in science education for future generations, celebrating its tenth anniversary and many brighter years ahead.

Your gift today allows the science centre to get ready for a very important tomorrow.

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100% of donations made to Calgary's science centre are directed to science education programming that inspires future generations of scientists.