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Spark needs your help to elevate Calgary and Alberta into global conversations about a safe, clean and science-fuelled future. Through the Good Chemistry Campaign, you can be the catalyst that kickstarts the Calgary science centre's transformation, inspiring more than 400,000 children and adults who crave engaging science-based experiences, and a lot more of them.

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The Future We Imagine is the Future We Build.

If the pandemic has made one thing clear, it’s that a safe and stable future depends on science. And if you’re asking, “what has science done for me lately”, the answer is simple: EVERYTHING!

Think about the very start of your day. The alarm that woke you up, the light you switched on and the potions you used. The grain in your toast and the fuel in your car, all brought to you courtesy of science!

But applied science alone is not enough. The awesome power of science must clearly resonate with people of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life. It must engage and enthuse, spark curiosity and challenge the status quo. When communicated with clarity and passion, science has the power to inspire conversations that change lives and change the world.

That’s where TELUS Spark science centre comes in.

It is time for Spark to step into a leadership role.

Spark opened ten years ago in its current location, a traditional trading and gathering area for the Niitsitapi (Blackfoot Confederacy) and all people that call Calgary home. It was, and still is, a beacon of innovation, a science communications beauty and a place for people to come together, regardless of age, means or walk of life.

But leaders can never be complacent. We asked Calgarians what they wanted out of their science centre and they said:


Spark is answering this call. It is time to reach out and up, embrace many more people with warmth and respect, add pizzazz to a city built on science and engineering, and sing the strengths of Alberta innovation from the mountaintops. In short, it's time to lead with science at the core.

This is where you come in.

“Good Chemistry - it's the mutual advantage that started life in the first place, and it's all catalyzed by the decisions we make as people.

Science lives in a social context. By supporting the Good Chemistry Campaign, you help create a culture of enormous goodness. You shape children, inspire adults and light up the future."

- Board of Directors, Calgary Science Centre Society

Spark’s five year plan is ambitious, awesome…and absolutely achievable.

Spark will transform into a global science education leader.

Science communications has never been more important as it is now. In a world turned upside down by fear and uncertainty, Spark has an important role to play as a trusted source of truth and bright northern star. And given that science, technology, engineering and math careers will play a central role in the future of work, quality interactive science programming is the key to inspiring minds young and old.

Spark will become even more technology-intense, accessible and awe-inspiring.

Science should not be experienced as a passenger. Spark aspires to create rich participative, hands-on and story-driven experiences to positively impact every single segment of the community.

By doing these things, Spark will become one of the top 10 most-worth-visiting science centres in the world, elevating Calgary and Alberta into global conversations about a safe, clean and science-inspired future.

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