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Spark is so much more than a science centre. It’s a beacon of joy for the whole community and the home of unlimited possibilities through science. For kids and families going through stressful, challenging times in their lives, Spark is also a place to earn a much-needed reprieve – families who are not always able to enjoy experiences that many of us take for granted.

Through a trip to Spark, and with your help, we can provide even more positive experiences to those less fortunate, people who are struggling or individuals who could use more moments of joy in their lives.

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Your gift will help Spark inspire young people to try new things, look at the world differently and broaden their own horizons to consider a future career in STEM.

Spark’s Community AccessPrograms have helped thousands of children and families experience the wonders of science each year, who otherwise couldn’t afford to. Refugees, people with disabilities, seniors and youth needing a little extra care and attention are among those that benefit from your generous support.

“Our trip to Spark brought so much joy to us, especially the kids. They had so much fun it was almost overwhelming!”

Unlock the unlimited possibilities of science for a child and their family!

Spark makes lives better through science!

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