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(children) + (science centre) + (you) = inspired for life

YOU are the catalyst!

(children) + (science centre) + (your donation) = POW!

Every chemical reaction requires the right combination of ingredients and a strong catalyst to be successful. If one element is missing, the reaction fails.

The catalyst in Spark’s equation? That’s YOU. And we need your help.

There are many children who are unable to visit the science centre, not because they are missing caring adults in their lives, but because they cannot afford it.

Ticket price should not be a barrier for underserved populations. Here's what Spark is doing about that: 100% of your donation will support vulnerable children, families and individuals requiring financial assistance to experience Calgary’s science centre and take full advantage of world class science programming. And by donating before December 31, YOUR GIFT WILL BE DOUBLED in size thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor (Up to 50K).

Your gift, regardless of the size, helps kids and their families engage with science in an inspiring and creative way – and charts a path to a brighter future for all of us, with science at the core.

Will you give today and be the catalyst for a positive chemical reaction?

Your gift makes a difference.

As a registered charity, Spark operates access programs to ensure the entire community has access to the powerful effect that science and engineering can have on a child’s life and future livelihood.

These programs have the potential to change the trajectory of child’s life. Imagine what they might go on to invent, the diseases they might cure and the problems they might solve!

In 2022, we want to raise the roof and reach 20,000 free admissions. Will you help?


Admissions for underprivileged individuals in 2021


Connections with students from high-needs schools in 2021


Summer camp scholarships in 2021


Individuals impacted since 2014

Did you know...

A gift of securities is the most cost-effective way to support Spark and inspire future generations of scientists! You'll receive a tax receipt for the full value of your donation and you won't have to worry about capital gains tax.

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