Teambuilders Add-Ons


Teambuilders Add-Ons

Enhance your team's journey of collaboration with specialized activities designed to amplify communication, foster experimentation, and sharpen problem-solving skills. These add-ons, seamlessly integrated into STEAM-powered team-building adventures, offer an extra layer of engagement and excitement.

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Villain Academy

Do you have what it takes to become a villain?

Join Spark’s hilarious resident villain, Dr. Hautencold, to learn how to travel to the core of the Earth and infect the world with evil science!

Time: 30 minutes

Price: $600
Price to add on to a room rental or Teambuilder program: $500

AI & Machine Learning

Learn about artificial intelligence, neural networks, and how these tools teach Flint cool tricks!

If you’re lucky, Flint may even show you what she’s learned! This show includes a meet & greet with Spark’s official education ambassador, Flint the robo-dog.

Time: 45 minutes

Price: $600

Price to add on to a room rental or Teambuilder program: $500

Flint Meet and Greet

Adopted all the way from Boston Dynamics, Flint will steal your heart...not to mention your shoes, tennis balls and snacks.

As Spark’s official education ambassador, Flint the robo-dog is the poster-pooch for tech learning programs and is also full of personality – and potential power. Invite her to your event and she will mingle for 30 minutes and delight all the members of your team.

Time: 30 mins

Price: $300

Science Activations

Ready for an extra dose of science fun? Look no further – Spark has just the thing you're searching for!

Experience options: fire experiments, cryogenic experiments, brain and heart wearable fashion, and more. Inquire for more details!

Time: 30 minutes

Price: $250 per experience

Private Dome Shows

Book a private dome show and elevate your team's experience! Check out Spark's screenings for thrilling cinematic adventures that are truly out of this world.

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Interested in hosting a private event?

Spark offers an intriguing, unforgettable and versatile venue.

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