Spark After Dark: STEAMpunk
Spark After Dark (18+)


April 13, 2024 | 6PM - Midnight


Saturday, April 13 2024


6:00 PM - Midnight


Adults only 18+
Must have valid photo ID

Grab your goggles, top hats, corsets, and clockwork gadgets, Spark beckons you into the world of STEAMpunk!

Originally a science fiction sub-genre featuring steam-powered machinery, STEAMpunk explores the intersection of art, science, and imagination.

What can you expect from this 18+ night at the science centre?

  • Enjoy full-service bars including the night's feature cocktail and a specialty-themed menu. 
  • Learn the Science Behind Traditional Plant Knowledge in STEMpunk Alchemy Workshop 
  • Solve puzzles in Mobile and Tabletop Escape Rooms. 
  • Explore Steampunk and Victorian Fashion and Dress to impress in the Steam Style Costume Contest. 
  • Listen to live music from DJ SoniDef and dance the night away. 
  • Take a ride to the future on RO5iE the Robotic-Coa5ter. 

And here's a little extra for Spark Members. During Spark After Dark events, Spark Members get VIP treatment, with perks like free parking and a fantastic 15% discount at the Spark Eatery, Astronaut Ice Cream, and the Spark Store!

Purchase a Spark Membership now and enjoy the wonders of science!

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  • The Science Behind Medicinal Plant Knowledge
  • Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed

STEMpunk Alchemy

Where ancient wisdom meets modern science!

In this workshop led by Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed, learn about plant-based remedies, crafting topical balms with spruce resin, and concocting immune-boosting syrups with local berries and ginger. Unlock the gifts of these plants while gaining new skills and appreciation for traditional plant knowledge and modern medicine.

What’s Included?

60-minute workshop on the science behind medicinal plants.

A 25 ml jar of Spruce Resin balm that you will learn to make yourself.

A 250 ml bottle of Ginger Berry syrup that you create from scratch.

Admission to Spark After Dark (18+): STEAMpunk.

One “skip the line” complimentary regular drink ticket per workshop participant.

Available Times:

6:30 – 7:30 PM

8:00 – 9:00 PM

9:30 – 10:30 PM

General Admission - $90.00 per person
Spark Members - $80.00 per person

Please note: Participants will work with local plants to create applications that can be used topically or through ingestion. There are no substitutions, please be mindful of your allergies. If you have any questions about the materials used in this workshop, please email [email protected].

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  • Brainasium

Mobile Escape Rooms

Step into The Portal, a mobile escape room where guests will uncover the mystery of three vanished scientists. Or prevent a disaster on a Runaway Train! Solve puzzles, decode clues, and race against time navigating intricate mazes.

  • Creative Kids Museum

Tabletop Escape Room 

Time Machine - Master Riddler has developed a time travel device and has gone back in time to rewrite history according to his diabolical plans. Spark has found his time machine and brought it to you to help shut down the machine before humanity's existence is irrevocably altered!

  • Atrium


Born with one deaf ear, defies limitations to pursue her passion for music. Drawing from her street dance roots, she curates eclectic sets blending R&B, Future Soul, House, Funk, Disco, Hip-Hop, and more. With a diverse portfolio, she's spun at various events and venues.

  • Atrium

Steam Style Costume Contest 

Dress to impress in your finest Steampunk attire for a chance to win a ticket package to Spark After Dark (18+): Artificial Intelligence and Us, June 14, 2024!

  • Inspiration Stage

Cirque de la Nuit's Arcane Alchemy

Step into a steampunk-infused theatre, where mystery intertwines with neo-vintage technology. Prepare to be captivated by Le Cirque de la Nuit’s Signature Act, “Arcane Alchemy,” a mesmerizing spectacle of LED-lit choreography.

  • Creative Kids Museum

DIY Whirlygig Wearables

Calling all craft enthusiasts and aspiring inventors! Embark into the fantastical world of Steampunk creativity with a hands-on experience where gears turn, cogs spin, and imagination knows no bounds!

Cost:$10 (Purchase through Shopify at the event, no pre-purchasing before event)

  • Atrium


Kittys in cogs, Steampunk spaniels - don't miss Spark's fav furry friends spreading the love throughout this night of Victorian elegance and speculative science!

  • Atrium

Electro-Steampunk Spectacle

Brace for an electrifying experience as this live science demo fuses Victorian charm with Spark’s Steampunk static and Tesla coil electricity science demonstration!

  • Steven's Lab

Unleash Your Inner Inventor

Inspired by avant-garde Steampunk innovation, guests will craft a mechanical flower, powered solely by drops of lemon juice! Keep the brilliance alive by replenishing your creation with citrus from your favourite libations at the bar throughout the night.


  • Infinity Dome

Exploring Steampunk and Victorian Fashion with Rebecca Toon (The Costume Collective)

Where did Steampunk fashion originate? Explore the Victorian era to discover the silhouettes and styles of the mid to late 1800s. From bustles and waistcoats to corsets and top hats, Steampunk draws inspiration from this romantic period in fashion history. Join Costume Designer Rebecca Toon to delve into the styling and history of this fantasy-driven sub-genre, which combines Victorian elements with the mechanical influences of the Industrial Revolution and the futuristic vibes of science fiction.

  • Infinity Dome

Quantum Steampunk with Nicole Yunger Halpern (Joint Centre for Quantum Information and Computer Science)

Steampunk transcends fiction, converging with energy science, quantum physics, and information science. Quantum thermodynamics explores quantum engines and refrigerators and explores if quantum physics enhances engines as it does computation. Join Nicole Yunger Halpern on a journey into the realm of quantum Steampunk, where you’ll scrutinize time's arrow and uncover fundamental insights.

  • Infinity Dome

Steampunk 101: Technofantasy in Vintage Retrofutures with Dr. Mike Perschon (MacEwan University)

Go beyond the standard definitions of "Victorian science fiction" or "yesterday's tomorrow today," offering a historical exploration of the Steampunk aesthetic across comics, film, and literature. Discover the significance of goggles, corsets, and airships in Steampunk culture, and learn about its origins, current trends, and future directions.

  • Infinity Dome

Re-engineering the Literary History of Steampunk with Dr. Anthony Camara (UofC)

Discover the origins of Steampunk in an alternate Victorian Era where Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage's analytical engine leads to Steam-powered computing. Explore how this genre's technologies reflect anti-imperial impulses, offering tools to reimagine the past and envision decolonial futures. From classics like "The Difference Engine" to recent tales like "Good Hunting," explore narratives that dismantle colonialism and unleash creativity.



Steam Empress Elixir

A fusion of Victorian elegance and steampunk innovation.

This exciting cocktail combines Earl Grey tea, lemon, 2 oz. of gin, and a touch of simple syrup. Lavender and edible glitter garnish the glass, while dry ice creates a mesmerizing mist.


Earl grey tea, gin, honey simple syrup, lemon juice, lavender sprigs


Gears and Cogs Tater Tots

Golden tater tots topped with chicken pesto made in-house, served alongside an array of fried gears and cogs. Each crunchy bite is perfect for indulging that inner adventurer.

*Vegetarian option available


    • Is there an ATM on site?

      An ATM is located on the second floor at the top of the entry stairs, outside of the Spark Eatery.

    • I'm a member, do I need a ticket?

      Absolutely! Spark Members are encouraged to reserve their tickets online before the event to secure their spot. Since events can sell out, it's best to reserve your ticket in advance to guarantee your spot.

    • Can I buy tickets at the door?

      Yes! While tickets are available at the door, it is highly recommended to reserve yours online in advance to ensure you don't miss out on this event, as these events can sell out.

    • Are children allowed?

      Spark After Dark events are 18+, meaning no children are permitted. It's an opportunity for adults to enjoy unique experiences tailored specifically for a mature audience.

    • How much is parking?

      Parking is FREE for Spark Members. For everyone else, parking is $10 and is managed by Calgary Parking through ParkPlus. If paying through the ParkPlus mobile app, enter Zone 8310 or use one of the pay machines located near the front doors. To pay online with ParkPlus, click here.

    • Will the entire science centre be open for this event?

      Yes, including the Digital Immersion Gallery, Being Human, Open Studio, Infinity Dome, the Spark Eatery and Astronaut Ice Cream.

    • Is there overflow parking?

      Yes! If there is not enough room in the Spark parking lot, visitors are welcome to use the north parking lot of the Calgary Zoo at 84 St. Georges Drive NE. For more information, visit:

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