Spark After Dark (18+): Fear
October 13, 2023 | 6:00 PM - midnight




Friday, October 13


6:00 PM - midnight


General Admission: $26
Included with a Spark Membership


18+ only

Must have valid photo ID

Be afraid. Be very afraid (but also have fun) during Spark After Dark: Fear on October 13!

If Spark's got it, haunt it! What is the science behind fear? What causes humans to be scared of things like ghosts, bugs, heights, and more? Look behind the curtain of fear during this fang-tastic Spark After Dark (18+) on Friday, October 13.

From 6:00 PM to midnight, Spark is open for adults only who wish to face their biggest fears. Experience a spooky, sciencey night by savouring the evening's bewitching brew, gain wisdom from industry maestros, and revel in countless other unearthly delights!

What can you expect from an 18+ night at the science centre?

  • The entire science centre is open for adults only! 
  • Trick or treat the taste-buds by trying the night's feature food items, including the Creepy Crawly Crunchwich featuring cheesy roasted crickets, and black squid ink pasta!
  • Join Detective Dave Sweet as he explains the strategies detectives employ to help them face their own fears in order to help victims, witnesses and even the accused overcome their own.
  • Conquer your phobias during the Face Your Fears game show with Kylee Roman! Come face to face with an of bugs, slithering reptiles, exotic foods, and more.
  • Join Ghost Gurus for an evening of spine-tingling ghost stories and ghost hunting experiences.
  • Dig into a real regurgitated owl pellet dissection to find the skeletal remains of their dinner, in Steven's Lab!
  • Get ready to spin to the seasons' best beats as DJ Sonidef conjures up some wicked tunes!
  • Dive into the totally eerie-sistible VR world of Fearscape and face skyscraper heights, haunted atmospheres and more.
  • If the fears and frights become too much, make sure to stop one of the furry friends from PALS and give them a paw-five.
  • Enjoy full-service bars, the nights feature cocktail and out-of-this-world treats from the Astronaut Ice Cream café.

Plus so much frightful fun to explore!


  • with Pretty Dead Taxidermy

Curio Conservatory: Introduction to Butterfly Pinning

Try your hand at butterfly pinning during the taxidermy workshop, and learn the techniques required to delicately manipulate butterfly specimens into new positions, unlocking their hidden beauty. The best part? Participants can take home their newly transformed butterflies as a remarkable keepsake.

Rest assured, Pretty Dead Taxidermy prioritizes ethical and sustainable practices when procuring their specimens. They are passionate about preserving animals with care and respect and their workshops are chemical-free, ensuring that they are safe and eco-friendly.

60 min workshop includes:

Admission to Spark After Dark – FEAR.

TWO “skip the line” complimentary regular drink tickets upon arrival.

Two different butterfly specimens for participants to work with and take home!

All the equipment and tools needed to work with and prepare these specimens.

A crash course in Butterfly Entomology that will give you a close-up view of their unusual and sometimes disturbing behaviour.

Post Workshop opportunity to purchase more specimens to continue to expand your new hobby and create cool works of art at home.


6:30 - 7:30 PM - 20 spots available

8:00 - 9 :00 PM - 20 spots available

9:30 - 10:30 PM - 20 spots available


$145 for non-members
$140 for members

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  • EAT UP
  • $15 

Creepy Crawly Crunchwich

Test your limits by trying a homemade favourite - but Fear Factor style. The Creepy Crawly Crunchwich features (optional) whole roasted crickets with brie and gouda cheese, topped with poached pears and roasted red pepper jelly on sourdough bread.

  • EAT UP
  • $16

Black Abyss Pasta

What's scarier then the deep dark abyss of the ocean? Eat those fears away with the black squid ink pasta with black tiger shrimp!



Face Your Fears Gameshow

Conquer your phobias as you come face to face with a spine-tingling array of bugs, slithering reptiles, exotic foods, and more.

Brace yourself for heart-pounding excitement, as limits are challenged and you take an unforgettable journey of fear and fascination.


Explore the Paranormal

Join Ghost Gurus for an evening of ghost stories and ghost hunting experiences.

Take a journey into the realm of the unknown, where the boundary between the living and the dead becomes blurred.


Owl Pellet Dissections

As long as you don’t have skelephobia, you are going to have a hoot in Steven’s Lab! Dig into a real regurgitated owl pellet to find the skeletal remains of their dinner. Plus learn about owl biology along the way! Don’t worry, no owlgebra is required.

While supplies last, so make sure to visit Steven’s Lab early to not miss out!


Fearscape VR

Dive into the totally eerie-sistible VR world and face skyscraper heights, haunted atmospheres and more.



Witch better have my milk bones! Get ready for all the furry friends from the Pet Access League Society to wander the science centre as guests explore the science of fear. Make sure to stop and give a paw-five.


Cirque De La Nuit

Circus performers are often stressed because their job is in tents, but not on October 13! Catch Cirque De Le Nuit roaming free, creating a wild and twisted adventure beyond the big top curtain.


Do You Dare?

The fear of the unknown - Is it a fluffy stuffed animal or a furry spider? Put your hand in the box and take your best guess!


Lady Buggy

Conquer your fears, one touch at a time! Discover a world of empowerment and growth, all while overcoming phobias with a touch of courage.


ConnectFirst Activations

ConnectFirst is proud to be a supporting sponsor of Spark After Dark! Test your skills to win a variety of prizes from their claw machine, get your ghoulish dance moves out to DJ Ren-O and enhance your social media with a video from Spark's 360° photo booth.



Boogeyman with Detective Dave Sweet

Boogeyman delves into the persuasive effect fear plays in the daily lives of police. This presentation will examine the strategies officers employ which help them face their own fears so they are more readably able to help victims, witnesses and even the accused overcome their own.

Detective Dave Sweet has almost 25 years of policing experience and has been involved in some of Canada’s most infamous and heinous cases.


Phobias and Fear Structures with Tiffany Petite

Come for an intimate discussion to learn how fear structures and emotional frameworks contribute to the development and maintenance of phobias and how these structures involve a complex interplay of biological, psychological and environmental factors.


The Anatomy of a Haunting: A Journey into the Psychology and Science Behind Ghostly Perceptions

Come and join Dr. Nicole Anderson and Dr. Rodney Schmaltz from MacEwan University on this enlightening journey to de-mystify the shadows in the corner of your eyes and the goosebumps on your skin. Whether you're a fervent ghost hunter or a curious skeptic, we will ensure you'll never view a 'haunted' house the same way again. Expect the unexpected as we debunk the ghostly with science and psychology!


Don't miss the final Spark After Dark of 2023!

Like protons this year of Spark After Darks has been very positive! For one last positive charge of 2023, join Spark on December 15, to explore all of the best parts of: arousal, life in space, robots and fear!

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