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Live Science Demos

Watch bubbles of fire, test the limits of your hearing, hear a huge heartbeat, or experiment with a cryogenic liquid.

Don't miss the daily live science demonstrations happening at the Inspiration Stage.

Our live science demonstrations are an excellent way to get your neurons firing. Experience science in a big, engaging and memorable way that will leave you inspired. Our goal is to spark your curiosity and get you asking questions. 

Weekdays: 2PM | Weekends & Holidays: 1pm & 3pm in the Inspiration Stage

*Topics change daily.

Sounds Like Science

From whispers to thunderclaps, sound is all around us.

  • Make waves to explore pitch and amplitude
  • Test the limits of human hearing
  • Hear how different gasses can change the human voice
  • Create amazing sound effects
  • See fiery sound waves using a Rubens' Tube

Light Up Your Brain

Shadows, rainbows, spectrums and more. Light is everywhere.

  • Experiment by mixing different colours of light together
  • Split up light into a rainbow and then put it back together
  • Trick our brains into seeing something that isn't there
  • View things from outside the visible spectrum
  • See different coloured shadows

On Fire

Discover how spectacular chemistry can be.

  • Discover the science of fireworks with colourful flames
  • Get up close and personal with bubbles of fire
  • Experience a reaction so hot, it's used to melt steel
  • Find the fire in everyday flour
  • Learn that making water can be an explosive experience


This demo is an exploration of water particles and their movement.

  • See the movement of water particles
  • Watch a gigantic cloud erupt from a geyser
  • Put a giant balloon to a fiery test
  • Touch a super cold "cryogenic" liquid
  • Discover and insulator so good it can protect us from fire