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Earth and Sky water

Earth & Sky

Spark is re-opening on July 11! 

Please note, all galleries and exhibits will be temporarily CLOSED at this time. Check out new and freshly squeezed experiences here. 

Go deep into the Earth and soar outward to the stars.

Play in the stream, dig a canyon or cause an avalanche. Recreate a thunderstorm, watch the sun rise or think about how blue the sky is.

In the Earth & Sky gallery, you can experience the forces of nature that have shaped and continue to shape Alberta and our world.

By understanding how the systems in Alberta work and connect, you'll become more aware of the choices you make and the impact they have on your own life and future generations.

Visit Earth & Sky to:

  • Sculpt landscapes through erosion
  • Make a snowstorm or an audio storm
  • Compare our landscape to other worlds in the solar system
  • Create your own constellations

Sponsored by MEG Energy