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Being Human

Spark is re-opening on July 11! 

Please note, all galleries and exhibits will be temporarily CLOSED at this time. Check out new and freshly squeezed experiences here. 

Are you courageous enough to lie on a Bed of Nails?

What gets your heart racing? What do you look like when you're startled? Take a drink from a toilet. Make a memory. Explore your body at a microscopic level. Be human.

Though all human beings have nearly identical DNA, each of us is unique. Being Human connects your one-of-a-kind personal experiences to fascinating science about who we are.

Discover the most fascinating people on Earth - you, your friends and your family. In the fall of 2016, ten new exhibits were added to the Being Human gallery. Check them out on your next visit:

    • Bed of Nails: Test your resolve and overcome your fears by lying down on a Bed of Nails.
    • Sip of Conflict: Take a drink from a toilet
    • Surprise!: Discover what you look like when you're startled
    • Seeing Change: Tell the difference between two very similar photos
    • Blown Away: Step into gale-force winds
    • Heart Beat: Physically see your heart rate beat out on a drum
    • The Water in You: See how much water is inside of you
    • Ah-choo: Take a peek, open the doors and get sneezed on
    • Micro Eye: Explore the wonders of your body at a microscopic level
    • Illusion: Take a look at some mind-bending optical illusions

Sponsored by CNOOC North America.