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Please note: All exhibit galleries are temporarily closed at this time. 



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The Brainasium

Train your brain at our outdoor adventure space. Playing and learning intersect in our outdoor park that gets your heart racing and mind growing.

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Being Human

Discover the most fascinating people on Earth - you, your friends and your family by connecting your one-of-a-kind personal experiences to the science behind being human.

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Earth & Sky

Investigate Alberta’s unique geology and explore our world from the bedrock beneath us to the aurora overhead.

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Open Studio

Mash up science and art and make something new by exploring your creative side in film, music, style, art and new ways of using technology.

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Creative Kids Museum

A special place for your little sparks under 9 years old to learn and grow while they splash, race, crawl and climb.

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Energy & Innovation

Stretch your problem-solving capabilities by probing the nature of energy. See the connections among different forms of energy and the roles it plays in your daily life.

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Open Studio Workshop

Make something new as you work with real tools from 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. in Open Studio.