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Grades 7 to 12

Treat your students to WOW!

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For Grades 7 to 12

Spark offers a number of workshops for your field trip and welcome groups with multiple classes. Each experience is booked for a 30 student maximum to ensure workshop quality and accessibility.

Larger groups will be encouraged to book a second workshop. Prices are per class and is applicable to GST. One complimentary teacher admission is included. In addition, chaperones will also receive complimentary admission. Chaperone ratio is 1 per 10 students. Additional chaperones will be charged an admission fee. Students must remain with supervising adults at all times when visiting TELUS Spark.

PLEASE NOTE: All school bookings during the duration of BODY WORLDS: ANIMAL INSIDE OUT (October 2019 - March 2020) will be subject to an additional $4 per student. 

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Grade 7

Extreme Temperature

  • 50 min | $245
  • Heat and Temperature
  • Critical Thinking

From the heat of a rocket engine to the freezing cold of liquid nitrogen, this demonstration is an exploration of extreme temperatures. Spectacular demonstrations will connect students with subjects such as thermal energy and heat transfer. The experiments encourage critical thinking, and hone observation skills.


Grade 7

Marble Machines

  • 90 min | $270
  • Structures and Forces
  • Creativity and Innovation; Communication and Collaboration

Students will face a series of design challenges, constructing simple machines to move marbles, that will stretch their creativity, collaboration and problem solving skills.

Grades 7-9

Action, Reaction Contraption

  • 90 min | $270
  • Science – Physical Science; Structures and Forces and Mechanical Systems
  • Critical Thinking and Systems Thinking

Design, build and test elements of your very own Chain Reaction Machine. Challenge your students with hands-on science, technology and engineering concepts and skills in this creative and collaborative workshop.


Grade 7-12

UPDATED! Solar Power Invention

  • 120 min | $395

Get inventing using photovoltaic cells! Students learn the science of photovoltaic cells and how they harness the power of the sun. Then get ready – it’s prototype time!  Students will create their own inventions using this renewable energy source. Students become innovators as they learn how to use design thinking to creatively solve problems. Students use solar panels, motors and more to bring their ideas to life!


Grade 8

Hydraulic Challenge

  • 75 min | $270
  • Structures and Forces, Mechanical Systems
  • Creative Thinking; Systems Thinking

Learn how fountains, car crushers and dump trucks harness the power of air and water. Working in small groups, students will design, build and test their own hydraulic and pneumatic systems.


Grade 8

The Science Within

  • 50 min | $245
  • Cells and Systems
  • Critical Thinking

Get students excited about cells and systems, by being both the scientist and the subject. We’ll decipher hidden messages in a huge heartbeat and test the audience’s guts in a digestion race. Activities are combined with the latest in medical imagery and visualizations that connect cell structures and body systems. These experiments challenge students to think critically, make observations and form hypotheses about their own bodies on a range of scales.


Grade 8

UPDATED! Water For All

  • 90 min | $270
  • Freshwater and Saltwater Systems
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Access to clean water is an important issue on a local and global level.  In this lab program, students will attempt to purify a polluted water sample by designing, building and then testing their own water filters from a range of raw materials.  Then will use water quality sensors to assess their filters’ performance.


Grades 8, 10

Curious Matter

  • 90 min | $270
  • Mix and Flow of Matter
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

In this lab, students will work together to develop safe lab procedures while experimenting with different solutes and solvents to create solutions culminating in a flame test.


Grade 9

Electricity Blocks

  • 90 min | $270
  • Electrical Principles and Technologies
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Energy sustainability and efficiency is crucial to our future.  By exploring circuits, electricity and electrical systems, students will gain a better understanding of the challenges facing our future energy needs.


Grade 9

Space Exploration: To Mars and Beyond

  • 90 min | $270
  • Space Exploration
  • Communication, Creativity and Intellectual Curiosity, and Critical thinking

Within the next 30 years, humans will be walking on Mars and your students’ generation will be the pioneers making that next giant leap for humankind.  The road to Mars has been 60 years in the making; through innovation and problem solving, past generations have laid the groundwork to get there.  Using the immersive environment of our planetarium, experience what it will take to get to Mars and beyond our solar system, and discover the challenges that still lie ahead.


Grade 9

Spectacular Reactions

  • 50 min | $245
  • Matter and Chemical Change
  • Critical Thinking

Every chemist secretly loves explosions. Experience a hit-list of awesome experiments as you investigate science at the atomic level. Theory is brought to life with fiery methane bubbles, the rapid decomposition of hydrogen peroxide and colourful fireballs. Students will be encouraged to make their own observations, form hypotheses and draw their own conclusions.


Grades 10-12

Science of Mental Health

  • 240 mins | $550

The last frontier of science – our brains! In this highly interactive workshop students engage with technology and our exhibits to learn about the how the brain works and mental health. Students go on an exploratory journey in our Being Human gallery as well as using biosensors and iPads to understand their own reactions to positive and negative stress and use simple techniques to help their brain be the best it can be.

Developed in partnership with leading experts in mental health, this workshop was created with the support of Alberta Health Services, Calgary Board of Education, Calgary Separate School Division, Rocky View Schools, Palix Foundation, University of Calgary, Morneau Sheppell and the Ministry of Community and Social Services.