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Live Science Demonstrations

Treat your students to WOW!

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Reinforce curriculum outcomes with a bang! 

Experience science that's just too big for the classroom. 

Facilitated by Spark's enthusiastic and lively educators, these interactive science demonstrations launch students into engaging scientific content with experiments that are just TOO BIG for the classroom. Ready for a wild experience?

All demonstrations are presented in the Inspiration Stage Theatre. Shows can accommodate multiple classes. 

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Grades 1-2


  • 30 min | $245
  • Senses, creating colours, hot and cold temperatures
  • Analysis, critical thinking, experimental design

Have your students take part in an imaginary magical journey where they prove themselves to a mythical creature in this story-based demonstration. Feel the heat, hear the sounds, see the sights, and have your students learn about the experiments they saw to wrap things up! Pairs wonderfully with the popular Sensory Wonders school workshop.

Boost your experience by adding on the Sensory Wonders workshop! 

Grade 3

Good Vibrations

  • 40 min | $245
  • Hearing and Sound
  • Critical Thinking

What is sound? Where does it come from? How do we hear it? Students will enjoy various sound experiments that our presenter will “pitch” their way. This live demonstration is sure to “resonate” with every participant!

Boost your experience by adding on the Building for Sound workshop! 

Grade 6

Under Pressure

  • 50 min | $245
  • Air and Aerodynamics

In this one-of-a-kind live demonstration students go on an interactive journey to experience the awe-inspiring power of air!  Students get engaged as they come face-to-face with the effects of sticky effect vacuums, the crushing effect of temperature, the explosive effects of air under extreme pressurization and much more!


Grade 7

Extreme Temperatures

  • 50 min | $245
  • Heat and Temperature
  • Critical Thinking

From the heat of a rocket engine to the freezing cold of liquid nitrogen, this demonstration is an exploration of extreme temperatures. Spectacular demonstrations will connect students with subjects such as thermal energy and heat transfer. The experiments encourage critical thinking, and hone observation skills. 

Grade 8

The Science Within

  • 50 min | $245
  • Cells and Systems
  • Critical Thinking

Get students excited about cells and systems, by being both the scientist and the subject. We’ll decipher hidden messages in a huge heartbeat and test the audience’s guts in a digestion race. Activities are combined with the latest in medical imagery and visualizations that connect cell structures and body systems. These experiments challenge students to think critically, make observations and form hypotheses about their own bodies on a range of scales.

Grade 9

Spectacular Reactions

  • 50 min | $245
  • Matter and Chemical Change
  • Critical Thinking

Every chemist secretly loves explosions. Experience a hit-list of awesome experiments as you investigate science at the atomic level. Theory is brought to life with fiery methane bubbles, the rapid decomposition of hydrogen peroxide and colourful fireballs. Students will be encouraged to make their own observations, form hypotheses and draw their own conclusions.