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The one-year, immersive program for education professionals designed by TELUS Spark

SHIFT Lab is a unique stream of professional development designed to empower teachers and education professionals in CBE, Rocky View, Calgary Catholic and beyond. The programs we deliver provide the tools and support to bring a human-centered-design perspective to your work with students in K-12, post-secondary, and in administrative roles.

The program builds each participant’s capacity to use design thinking, inquiry, and making to innovate their practice and enrich student-learning experiences, focusing on mindset, process and capacity building rather than curriculum content.

SHIFT Lab is open to all educators regardless of position and expertise. The one-year program includes:

  • A one-week summer intensive
  • Winter/Spring workshops
  • An online community
  • Individual project support
  • Educational conferences

The competitive process for the 2019/2020 SHIFT Lab Cohort is now CLOSED.  


$410 + GST

Note that all fees will be waived for up to ten Indigenous educators or teach students who are indigenous.

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