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Disinformation Warriors

Warriors of 2021

The Disinformation Warriors of 2021 challenge you to: Sharpen your mind, be less gullible, and learn how to critically evaluate information!

Disinformation Warriors are an online community started by Calgary Animated Objects Society (CAOS)to encourage and develop media literacy and critical thinking.In spring 2021, the first group of Disinformation Warriors, ages 13+, began an eight week project. Through education, research and art making, the 2021 Disinformation Warriors learned about social media, the motivation behind trending topics, and detecting real versus fake content online!

These aspiring creators learned the art of animation, and how to become a good digital citizen online by creating their own animations, cartoons, and/or memes to help educate the public on media literacy and the dangers of false information online!

The Disinformation Warriors challenge you to sharpen your mind and learn how to critically evaluate the information you read and hear online.

The animations from this group of Disinformation Warriors are published below!

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Featured in Open Studio & Online

All of the animated content created during this workshop is currently featured in Spark's Open Studio exhibit, and can be found right here on this page!

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