Dare You Gala
April 25, 2024


Surrender your senses

Spark's Dare You Gala

Imagine a world where dreams and reality merge, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and where the only limit is the extent of your own imagination. We dare you, to defy convention, embrace the unknown and surrender your senses!

On April 25, 2024 Spark is hosting its first ever Dare You Gala as part of its efforts to transform the facility into a premier science centre, fostering inclusivity and sparking innovation. The Dare You Gala is an adrenaline-charged evening sure to ignite the senses with curiosity and wonder.

The Dare You Gala is that event. We dare you to be part of it.

Get Involved

Volunteer Opportuninities

Help catapult Spark into the global spotlight as a cutting-edge science centre and become a volunteer for the Dare You Gala:

Unearth potential donors who share Spark's vision.

Seek out captivating auction items to dazzle guests.

Spread the word and ensure our gala is the hottest ticket in town.

Connect with sponsors who want to be part of something extraordinary.

Bring your boldest and most innovative ideas to the table.

Get Involved

Keep Calgary Curious

By donating to Spark, you will be helping to transform the science centre into a world class facility that inspires visitors of all ages, means and abilities on a whole new level - to increase their addinity with science, suercharge their curiosity, and maybe even the course of their lives. Get curious. We dare you.

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