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What does the elephant say?

March 14, 2019
Posted By: TELUS Spark

Animal Communication - Elephants

CIRCUS! Science Under the Big Top is a fun and exciting family-friendly exhibition suited for kids of all ages! It's full of hands-on interactive exhibits and activities highlighting the science behind circus including animal sounds! 

Animals communicate through sound and motion. How can we understand how animals communicate? What does the elephant say? How you can tell if an elephant is upset? Did you know that when an elephant is mad, it will hold its tail straight out, flap its ears and sometimes trumpet? Elephants are great communicators and have up to 25 different calls! Just like humans, elephants are able to express feelings of happiness, anger, sadness and playfulness. Elephants communicate these emotions through c h i r p s, rumbles, blows, pops, squeaks and of course TRUMPETING. 

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Learn more about how elephants communicate at CIRCUS! Science Under the Big Top running from February 2nd to June 9th 2019 at TELUS Spark.

(Note: no live animals are used in this exhibit) 


CIRCUS! Science Under the Big Top is included with General Admission or Membership to TELUS Spark.