Experience Flight in Spark’s First VR Exhibit

Birdly, Now Boarding

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it is a Kepodactylus!

Now boarding flights to the age of the dinosaurs, and to explore the late Jurassic period. Guests are invited to soar to new heights, and visit some of the famous dinosaurs of the time period like the Stegosaurus and Brontosaurus. Get virtually transformed into a late Jurassic pterosaur, a Kepodactylus, and earn your wings in this age of dinosaurs!

Birdly is TELUS Spark Science Centre's FIRST VR experience! It is a unique experience, as it is designed to take guests on a trip to the sky. Birdly has not only visual sensations, but also aural and haptic sensations that give the each flyer an all-encompassing experience of flight.

  • COST: $5 per guest
  • WHERE: Located in Earth and Sky Gallery
  • WHEN: Operating during regular daytime hours
  • Please keep scrolling for more departure information, and flight plans below. Secure your flight for $5!

How it works:

  1. The Birdly full body VR flight experience is available by reservation, for a fee of $5. Tickets are available online (see below) or at Spark (just talk to Spark's front desk team).
  2. Birdly flyers must have a wingspan of 52 inches or 132 centimetres, fingertip to fingertip.
  3. Be sure to arrive at Birdly 10 minutes before your ride time. After presenting your boarding pass, feel free to watch other flyers from the departure lounge. You’ll have a great view of the Flight Cam, a screen which shows what each flyer is experiencing on the VR headset.
  4. When it’s time to fly, a science guide will sanitize the VR headset and touch-points, explain the safety features...and launch your flight!

    The sky is no longer the limit!

Reserve Flights

To reserve your flight time on Birdly, please follow the buttons below:

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    • Is there a cost to Birdly?

      Birdly tickets can be reserved for $5, online or onsite (at the front desk).

    • How long is the ride?

      Your flight experience, from start to finish, is about 5 minutes: a 2-minute briefing followed by a 3-minute fly around the prehistoric skies!

    • Do I need to make a reservation?

      Yup. Guests can reserve a time on Birdly for $5, either online or at the front desk.

    • Can children ride?

      It’s all about the wingspan! If your wingspan is 52 inches / 132 centimetres wide, you can ride Birdly (that's fingertip to fingertip) . Baby birds and anyone wanting to remain firmly on the ground can watch the flight cam, which shows exactly what the rider is seeing.

    • Will I get motion sick?

      Rarely do Birdly fliers get dizzy or motion sick, which occurs your inner ear is confused because what you see doesn’t match what you feel. On Birdly, your physical motions match what you see on the VR headset, so there’s no cause for inner ear complaints.

      On the other hand, Birdly flights are so realistic that you may feel vertigo, shock and even fear! However once your brain realizes that you are perfectly safe (and on the ground), it quickly turns to exhilaration and awe.

      You can always signal to the operator that you’d like to stop the ride and exit at any time.

    • What will I see/ feel?

      The magic of flight! Spark’s inaugural Birdly experience is set in the Jurassic, so you’ll fly through the age of dinosaurs. As you move your arms/ wings to control the flight, the VR headset displays a breathtaking panorama of life from the skies.

    • How long will Birdly be at Spark?

      Birdly is a permanent addition to the Spark Science Centre, and will be giving thrilling flights for years to come.

    • Is Birdly accessible?

      Birdly is not suitable for the visually impaired. Those with mobility issues may require assistance from a caregiver to get on and off Birdly.

Soar to new science heights, and find more to discover at Spark!

Birdly is included with admission to Spark! Registration is done on a walk-in basis.

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