Green Initiatives 

Through the generous financial support from the Alberta Government's Community Environment Action Grant, we are excited to compile our many learnings and iterate on the best tactics and strategies to communicate the topics of energy and climate change to families, through many piloted programs:

  • Capitalizing on the green bin project in Calgary, we partnered with the City of Calgary to provide families hands-on experience, through play, on the topic of composting and recycling. As a current topic of conversation, we were evaluating the effectiveness of sparking these conversations around what exactly goes into the compositing and recycling bins to encourage similar conversations at home around these topics. 
  • Our first "technology display" exhibit in our atrium showcased Furbaniture, an example of tactical urbanism, to encourage families and visitors to re-think and have conversations around how they interact with a street and urban design, in collaboration with the University of Calgary EVDS and the City. 
  • Using the occasion of Spark's announcement of a rooftop solar array in November, we created a family event around the International Science Centre and Science Museum Day, providing visitors interactive experiences in sustainability topics to encourage conversation around renewable sources of energy. 
  • We have developed and run public tours through the building for the Doors Open YYC and Green Doors Open events in September that showcased energy efficiency and TELUS Spark’s green building design to encourage conversations around sustainable structures and increase familiarity around LEED building standards.
  • We tested various communication tools aimed at teens during the Energy Revolution Fair in conjunction with the Mayor’s Environment Expo to get a pulse on citizen attitudes towards energy sustainability. Other organizations we partner with include: City of Calgary, Government of Alberta, Energy Efficiency Alberta, ENMAX, University of Calgary, SAIT, Green Calgary, Arctic Institute of North America, Innovate Calgary, CAWST, Deepwater Farms, Society of Women Engineers, Pembina Institute.

Because we are seen as a credible source the City of Calgary invited TELUS Spark to develop their Climate Change Education Plan (to be completed through multiple phases). This comprehensive education plan will chart a path to inform, educate and mobilize Calgarians in to climate education and will be included in the City’s Climate plan. This project could constitute an important tool for engaging Calgarians about climate action.

The Pembina Institute launched their Alberta’s New Energy Projects Map at TELUS Spark. We act as convener to discuss the latest energy development in the community and that our building acts as a living exhibit to engage Albertans about energy efficiency and clean tech.