2015 Community Highlights

1. Consistently high ratings from visitors, for both the experience itself and the perceived value

2. Deepening partnerships with community organizations, numbering in the hundreds

3. Doubled access visits via Community Connections Program

Looking Ahead

1. Expand market insights to enable sound decision-making

2. Build on Energy Sustainability initiative as a convenor of programs and exhibits

3. Prepare to mark the 50th anniversary of TELUS Spark and 150th anniversary of Canada in 2017


By: Alison Pidskalny, VP, External Affairs, TELUS Spark

When TELUS Spark opened in 2011, we were Canada's first purpose-built science centre 25 years. TELUS Spark's operations began to see stability in 2015, in particular among our visitors and their experience and expectations. Our visitors come to TELUS Spark expecting a fun family outing and the opportunity to learn and play together. The overwhelming majority of visitors indicate high satisfaction with their visit, which is an important Community indicator for TELUS Spark.

We also welcomed a substantial number of visitors via our Community Connections Program, Cultural Access Pass and Spark Learning Connections. Community Connections has grown to a program engaging 40 social services agencies representing the full spectrum of social needs, from disability, addiction, homelessness, hunger, mental health and new Canadians. Free visits by clients of these partner agencies grew by 90% in 2015 over 2014. Our participation in the Cultural Access Pass program was also key, serving our newest Canadians with access to TELUS Spark. We also initiated a new program, with support from HSBC, called Spark Learning Connections. Launched in September, it provides subsidized school programs, bussing and healthy snacks for high-needs schools.

As we look ahead, preparations for our 50th anniversary were initiated late in 2015 from origins in the Centennial Planetarium. The anniversary, aligned with the sesquicentennial of Canada, will be an important opportunity for TELUS Spark to thank the community, our visitors, members, partners and supporters, and engage them in the future vision for our organization.

Thank you to our generous supporters: