Live Science Stories

Live Science Stories

Daily live science stories to tickle your curiosity.


Inspiration Stage


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30 minutes

Live Science Stories

Spark's Live Science Stories happen daily in the Inspiration Stage and will get your neurons firing! Grab a seat and watch everyday science stories unfold in front of your eyes. You might leave with a new perspective!

Stories change daily. Check schedule at the front desk upon arrival to see what's on.

*Schedule is subject to change without notice. Included with admission or membership to Spark.

The Pressure Puzzle

Spark is presenting a brand-new superhero-inspired science story: The Pressure Puzzle!  

POW! BANG! THWACK! Oh no, Sidekick has been captured by a villain obsessed with puzzles all about air! Only science can save them now!

Do you have what it takes to help Sidekick solve the puzzles and escape? Can you help Sidekick complete the experiments?

Who Wants to Be a Multicellular Organism?

This living quiz show is all the rage around the world! That’s because anybody who is human is already playing the game! In this interactive theatre piece, you can be a quiz show contestant, compete for fabulous prizes, AND gain knowledge of the human body. But that’s not all! Since everybody is playing this game, the whole audience will pump up their musculoskeletal system, tap into their heartbeat and manipulate their nervous system. It will be a lot to digest, literally – (and there’s even a competition for that too!)

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