Live Science Stories

Live Science Stories

Daily live Science Stories about the world around us to tickle your curiosity.

Live Science Stories


Inspiration Stage

Happening Daily

Weekday Schedule

1:00 PM

Weekend Schedule

11:00 AM & 1:00 PM


20 mins

Spark's Live Science Stories happen daily in the Inspiration Stage and will get your neurons firing! Grab a seat and watch everyday science stories unfold in front of your eyes. You might leave with a new perspective! Stories change daily. Check schedule upon arrival to see what's on.

*Schedule is subject to change without notice. Included with admission or membership to Spark.

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Get Fried

A yummy adventure that follows the science of making one of the world’s most favourite foods, French fries! It starts with the colourful history of the potato as it evolves into the lovable side dish we know today.

This journey happens right before your eyes as we take a raw potato, slice it up, and deep fry it, live on the Inspiration Stage.

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Astounding Animal Awards

You’ve seen the Oscars, but you’ve never been to an award show like this! Explore which creatures are coolest, which beasts are best, and which fish are stars. And who knows, maybe your favourite animal will even take home the top prize.

Science on the Spot




Happening Daily


11:45 AM & 2:45 PM


5 mins

Spark is full of delightful surprises. These quick 5 mins Science on the Spot shows may pop-up in various locations when you least expect it. The shows will vary each day and you'll never know exactly where you might catch Science on the Spot. Perhaps in the dome hallway, or on your way to the Brainasium - maybe even in the lobby. It's meant to be unexpected, but be on the lookout. The unusual becomes the ordinary here at Spark!

*Schedule is subject to change without notice. Included with admission or membership to Spark.

Alien Coffee

The invaders have arrived! Their long-term study of the human creature is starting to bear fruit; coffee fruits that is! Join our intrepid Alien Researcher as they seek to understand humanities dependency on this strange bean water they’re always drinking. Learn the science behind caffeine and if liquid nitrogen can really make a better brew.

The Science of Cool Tricks

Can you somersault? A handstand?Juggle?What cool tricks have you practiced to perfection? No worries if you’re still just learning, maybe a little science can help! Learn how muscle control and physics work together to help you master your own Cool Tricks!

Einstein Needs a Coffee

Breaking the laws of relativity is tiring work, and the world’s most prolific patent office clerk needs some help finding his way in a modern world that couldn’t exist without a very “special” understanding of relativity.Help Einstein find his coffee fix as he explains how his theories are critical to some of our seemingly mundane modern conveniences.

The Great Canadian Pop Up Quiz

Our host Rick Smartindale will engage you and your friends in a battle of history and wit. This is a high stakes game that pits your knowledge of Canada’s rich history of invention, geography, First Nations, science, Saskatchewan and William Shatner. The game show is brief, so study up. And there are prizes galore to be awarded!

Evolution Song

How did humans come to walk on two legs? Why do giraffe’s get such longnecks?Through song explore the tiny effects over generations that lead to the evolution of species and how these process continue to this very day!


Going into Space

3... 2... 1... Blast Off! It may be more than50years since Apollo 11 first reached into the heavens, but the story of Humanity’s journey to the moon still inspires us to this day. Come along as we walk through the perils and human triumph of the 3-day journey from rocket to lunar lander in scale.


The Scientific Method Song

Francis Bacon may not have the moves of Kevin Bacon, but with some help of the musical stylings of Bob Dylan we explain the fundamental process of the scientific method he described nearly 400 years ago that’s still in use today!


Science Troopers

The Science Troopers are Spark’s crack squad of elite scientists performing experiments with extreme awesomeness! Equipped with their experiment of the day on their Science TrooperMobile they go anyplace where science is needed to delight and astound with the power of experimentation!

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