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What's That Smell?

February 8, 2019
Posted By: TELUS Spark

What's that smell?

Imagine you are at the circus, take a deep breath in, what do you smell?

Popcorn? Cotton candy? Animal poop? 

Come experience the science behind smell at our exciting new exhibition, CIRCUS! Science Under the Big Top. This highly interactive exhibition is packed with fun, hands-on activities for families and kids of all ages!

Smell Station

Did you know?

Did you know you can differentiate among 10,000 different odours? Your nose is also 10,000 times as sensitive as your taste buds! More than any other sense, smell reaches directly into your brain's emotional centre where your memories live, that's why smells can evoke strong nostalgia. Our noses are AMAZING! 

Put your sense of smell to the test, come see if you can figure out which circus odour you are smelling at CIRCUS! Science Under the Big Top running from February 2 to June 9, 2019 at TELUS Spark.