An Evening of Indigenous Science at Spark

An Evening of Indigenous Science at Spark


A celebration of Indigenous Ways of Knowing. Plus, full access to the science centre!


Thursday, August 26, 2021


5:00pm - 9:00pm

Ticket Reservations

Due to the popularity of this event, ticket reservations are strongly recommended for ALL guests. Limited walk-in tickets available at doors, but not guaranteed.

Indigenous Science, and the stories about the Morning Star.

Come learn from Treaty 7 Elders, Knowledge Keepers, and Youth about Indigenous ways of Knowing and science. This event is for everyone, of all ages. Mohkinstsis, the confluence of the Bow and Elbow Rivers, along with the true intentions of Treaty, represents the coming together of multiple cultures, peoples, and backgrounds, to become stronger together through diverse perspectives and worldviews, a catalyst to creativity and innovation!

Spark is on a journey of reconciliACTION. This event is in response to Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action 7, 8, 45, 67, & 84, and to highlight Spark’s early stages of this ongoing journey.

During the event, enjoy full access to Spark, and explore the new digital immersion gallery, all the other galleries, Brainasium outdoor park, dome theatre, Astronaut Ice Cream, and the Spark Eatery.

CASH ONLY - for bannock, ATM is available onsite at Spark!


Elders & Knowledge Keepers

Diana Melting Tallow

Rob Cardinal

Reserving Tickets - SOLD OUT

Due to the popularity of this event, ticket reservations are strongly recommended for ALL guests. Limited walk-in tickets available at doors, but not guaranteed.

  • FREE for those who identify as First Nations, Métis, or Inuit. Please reserve a complimentary ticket for guaranteed entrance using the link below.
  • FREE for Spark Members. Please reserve a complimentary ticket for guaranteed entrance using the link below.
  • Regular Admission for general public

All tickets include access to the event as well as admission to Spark’s new Digital Immersion Gallery, Exhibit Galleries, Brainasium outdoor park, Dome Theatre, and Spark Eatery. The digital immersion gallery will be open during the event and there is an option to register for timed entry with an event ticket.


Indigenous Satirical Film - Gitz Crazyboy

Enjoy a free screening of the film Peace Pipeline, about oil companies routinely building pipelines through Indigenous lands, often destroying sacred sites. How do non-natives feel when the shoe is on the other foot? Also enjoy a Q&A after the screening with its creator Gitz Crazyboy.

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Support Indigenous Artists & Entrepreneurs

Come shop for some Indigenous art from vendors like, Native Diva, Loretta's Wellness Circle, Moonstone Creation, and more.


Beading Workshop

Try a hand at hand-beading workshop hosted by Moonstone Creation, create a beaded leather bookmark to take home while pondering the mathematics of beading.

  • FOOD

Rey Brass, First Nation Cuisine and Catering

CASH ONLY - for bannock, ATM is available onsite at Spark!

Come for a taste of Fried Bannock, Bannock Tacos, and Tacos in a bag, at First Nation Cuisine and Catering.

  • LIVE

Indigenous Science Storytelling

Join Treaty 7 Elders, Knowledge Keepers, and Artists to speak about Indigenous Science and its connections to land and cosmos.


Bows & Arrows, Stories & Math

Learn from Îyârhe Nakoda Youth about how they created bows and arrows, through traditional knowledge (from Elder Tom Snow Sr.) and materials with links to math and engineering.

The Vendors

Native Diva

Native Diva Creations is an award-winning accessory business, making culturally appropriate First Nations jewelry and accessories. Each piece is created with a modern flair, bringing together the traditions of pow-wow beadwork and urban street. Designer Melrene Eagle Speaker is from the Blood tribe in southern Alberta Canada. She designs and creates all of the pieces, as well as providing additional services such as custom design work, bulk wholesale to various gift-shops and museums, and handmade pieces.

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Loretta's Wellness Circle

Loretta's Wellness Circle aims to make creations that contribute your wellness using natural Indigenous essences. Products are created for wellbeing using the four sacred medicines: Tobacco, Sage, Sweetgrass, and Cedar. Hand-harvested these medicines using tobacco and make my creations in smudge ceremony and prayer.

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Moonstone Creation

Moonstone Creation is an Indigenous-owned and family-run business located in Calgary's Inglewood district.

We create handmade traditional art right in-store and are proud to represent over 60 Indigenous makers and artisans from across Turtle Island.

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Bright Swan Creations

Bright Swan Creations is a local family jewelry business owned by Pearl White Quills and family (Kainai, Siksika).As a professional beadwork artist, pow wow dance teacher and workshop facilitator, Pearl has expressed her passions through multiple forms of art.

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Breaker Dezines

Lena Breaker (Siksika) is the founder and proud owner of Breaker Dezines, specializing in unique beautiful handmade jewelry, Native fashion & regalia, and other wearable art pieces.

Lena learned her talents from long hours spent watching her parents beading and sewing. She is a visual learner who picked up a needle at 15 years old and never put it down!

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Additional Vendors

1. Pat Breaker, Pat's Jewelry

2. Amanda Fox

Bows & Arrows, Stories & Math

Îyârhe Nakoda youth learned how to create Bows & Arrows, alongside Stories & Math, and how to bring together Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Western science, engineering, and math.

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Bows Project

  • Elder, and Bows & Arrows Knowledge Keeper

Tom Snow (Tatâgagan) BGS, mBsc

Tom Snow is a Iethka Nakoda (Stoney, Assiniboine) from the Stoney Indian Reserve in Morley, Alberta. He has been a Facilitator of Traditional Nakoda Teachings and Ceremonies across Alberta, BC, and Montana. He managed a Child Services business for 11 years where he provided youth work, language instruction, transportation, and family reunification visits. He developed a Wellness program for the Wesley First Nation to address Addictions before coming to Bentarrow Traditional Healing Society. Here he continued as an Elder, leading ceremonies, circles, educating staff, reintroducing families to their own cultural practices and teaching the Nakoda (Stoney, Assiniboine) language. Tom developed a presentation on Historical Trauma to address the causes of many Indigenous issues. He is a contributing member, as a Knowledge Keeper, to Alberta Child Services endeavour in making the Youth Suicide Prevention Policy. Tom is involved with the Kihciy Askiy Edmonton project, as part of the Elders group, in planning a place in Edmonton for Indigenous people to Gather for Ceremonies, Education, and Cultural activities. Tom is a member of the Edmonton Framework committee named Wahigicicobi. Tom is now back with Bentarrow after attempting a new venture as Elder Indigenous Liaison for GRC Network, a secured World Virtual Communication Service.

  • Speaker & Knowledge Keeper

Thomas Snow Jr.

Thomas is a proud father and member of the Stoney Nakoda Sioux Nation as well as a fluent speaker of Nakoda Sioux. Thomas’ passion centers on preserving and teaching Nakoda culture and language, and he co-hosts the radio show “Conversational Nakoda” with his mother Alice Kaquittes on Windspeaker He also co-produced and starred in the CBC documentary “Warrior Fathers.” Thomas is a graduate of the University of Calgary, and has previously taught at MRU. Thomas dedicates his time as a helper in his home community of Mini Thini (Morley) where he attends and helps with ceremony, emcee duties and other community requested activities. Thomas has received and carries 3 Eagle Feathers from his Nation as well as a medal for Bravery from the Calgary Fire Department.

  • Speaker, Mechatronics & Product Designer

Richard Lushai

Richard Lushai, B.A.Sc., is a Calgary-based physical product designer, working on various projects from biomedical devices to specialized automated systems. Before returning to school in University of British Columbia in 2019, he co-founded the Canadian operations of Tikkun Olam Makers (TOM), a global movement focused on developing open-source assistive technology solutions to invisible needs. He went on to train teams in the US, Bulgaria and Vietnam on building local technology communities under diverse socioeconomic conditions and challenges. Richard is a first-generation immigrant to Canada, and has worked closely with immigrant and refugee communities in developing specialized STEM initiatives. He has collaborated on projects across Treaty 6 and 7 regions to advocate for various projects from access to the internet in isolated Indigenous communities, to traditional storytelling with Indigenous artists.

  • Speaker & Knowledge Keeper

Daryl Kootenay

Daryl Kootenay is a traditional artist, speaker, youth leader, and proud father. With his mother from Stoney Nakoda Nation of Treaty 7 and his father a member of the Dine (Navajo) Nation in New Mexico, the desire to explore is in his blood. After graduating high school Daryl travelled globally to volunteer with Canada World Youth and Rotary International in countries such as Peru, Nicaragua, Africa, and recently Mexico — each time going on his own personal journey.

Joey Big Snake

Joey Big Snake is a Blackfoot First Nation artist from Siksika Nation, which is situated not only on Treaty 7 land but is also part of the Blackfoot Confederacy territory. He is a 3rd year student at Alberta University of the Arts and also works with Siksika Board of Education in their STEAM program.

The Morningstar (Venus Risen) artwork wouldn't be possible without the guidance and knowledge shared by Kainai Elder, Casey Eagle Speaker. The work speaks to the importance of interconnectedness between the Morning Star story and  Blackfoot ways of life. This sacred story is key to Blackfoot culture and traditions.

Gitz Crazyboy

"Oil companies routinely build pipelines through Indigenous lands, often destroying sacred sites. How do non-natives feel when the shoe is on the other foot?”

Gitz is a Canadian Indigenous Author, Actor, Activist, and Youth Educator. His debut novel, Secret of the Stars, is quickly heating up and has caught the attention of national and international media such as the CBC and Australia's Indigenous Radio Station.

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