Creative Kids Museum

Sponsored by Crescent Point Energy

Young artists, engineers and adventurers have a special place in the Creative Kids Museum.

With hands-on activities designed for children under nine, it is a place that celebrates the joy and growth that come from creative play, art and exploration.

  • Splash, race and discover flotation in the water play area. You can even enjoy creating interactive waterfalls!
  • Crawl, climb and explore through the climbing structure
  • Design and build your own inventions and creations in the Maker Space
  • Take the lead in the play or stay behind the scenes as the director in the theatre
  • Enjoy a new toddler area, complete with sensory-rich crawling track for babies
  • Take time out in the reading nook

The new Creative Kids Museum connects visitors to the power of creativity and curiosity in a playful, safe environment. Children learn in many different ways, and the Creative Kids Museum embraces those ways – from fine motor skills to spatial exploration, from large-scale creations to dramatic play, from visual creations to kinetic expressions.

Build a giant structure from wooden blocks. Make a floating spinning toy that surfs on air bursts. Create your own masterpiece or contribute to a collaborative art project in our 'art space'. Leave your own artwork behind on one of our art trees, or spend some time enjoying other people’s creations. The new Creative Kids Museum is filled with opportunities to create and explore art.

But creativity isn't seen only through art: there are many other ways to learn and explore creatively. Enjoy a new water area abstracted from the Bow River, a giant climbing structure that enhances gross motor skills and a theatre dedicated to dramatic play. Take time in the reading nook, create your own ball maze, and explore structures and materials as you build an imaginary fort...all in safe, sensory-rich surroundings.