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Summer Camps

Age 5 to 6

Tiny Town

Dates: July 25-29, Aug 8-12, Aug 22-26 | $265

What would your dream city look like? Make it come to life by creating it in miniature. Stretch your imagination and build skills by transforming one of our classrooms into a tiny collaborative cardboard city. Build cars, ice cream parlours, parks, and everything else our community might need.

Age 5 to 6

Junior Scientists

Dates: Jul 4-8, Jul 11-15, July 18-22, Jul 25-29, Aug 2-5, Aug 8-12, and Aug 15-19 | $265 or $212 for the four-day week

Calling all curious kids! Dive into science as we spend a week using our senses to explore the world around us. Investigate chemical reactions, explore the fascinating world of magnets, experiment with the shocking realm of electricity and find out what microscopes can reveal about things big and small.

Age 5 to 6

Once Upon a Time

Dates: July 4-8, July 11-15, July 18-22, Aug 2-5, Aug 15-19 | $265 or $212 for the four-day week

Join us to explore the science, engineering, and art skills behind our favourite fairy tales. Discover what it really takes to build with ice, perform a rescue from a high tower or build a house that can withstand wolf-sized wind gusts.

Age 6 to 7

Art at Spark

Dates: July 11-15, July 18-22, Aug 8-12, Aug 15-19 | $275

Art is an incredible vehicle to discovering the world around us. Explore the fascinating patterns, colours, textures, and experiments that make brilliant works of art. Stretch your creativity as we explore watercolours, create textured paints, and contribute to a big collaborative work of art.

Age 6 to 7

Unusual Engineering

Dates: July 4-8, July 11-15, July 25-29, Aug 2-5, Aug 8-12, Aug 22-26 | $275 or $220 for the four-day week

Discover the possibilities of weird and wonderful materials. Construct a tower from spaghetti and marshmallows and design an animal with nothing but newspaper – building in unexpected ways will give you a new appreciation for the possibilities of the world around you.

Age 6 to 7

Water Worlds

Dates: Jul 4-8, Jul 18-22, Jul 25-29, Aug 2-5 and Aug 15-19 | $275 or $220 for the four-day week

It’s time to make a splash! This camp is all about exploring the fascinating world of water. Find out why some things float while others sink, experiment with buoyancy, build a boat and use water to create works of art.

Age 7 to 9

Skillz Quest

Dates: Jul 4-8, Jul 11-15, July 18-22, Jul 25-29, Aug 2-5, Aug 8-12, and Aug 15-19 | $275 or $220 for the four-day week

Your mission, should you choose to book this camp is to gain as many real skills as you can in one week. Earning a coveted badge for each new skill, campers will try their hands at everything from archery to cooking to woodworking to old-fashioned fire starting. Come with a taste for adventure and the courage to try something new!

Age 8 to 10

The Games We Play

Dates: July 4-8, July 11-15, July 18-22, Aug 2-5, Aug 8-12, Aug 22-26 | $275 or $220 for the four-day week

Do you love to play games? Explore the world of gaming from old-fashioned board games to digital technology and outdoor adventures. Dissect board games to create your own. Get inspired by Caine's Arcade to design games from nothing but cardboard. Try your hand at programming simple video games, then head outside to stretch your legs with a game of Capture the Flag.

Age 8 to 10

Science Girls

Dates: July 25-29, Aug 15-19 | $275

The Art Behind Science – Join us as we try our first ever girls-only camp. This camp is all about investigating the incredible connections between science, technology, engineering, art and math and our everyday world. Get creative as you harness technology, chemistry, light, and more to create innovative works of art.

Age 10 to 12

Fashion Design

Dates: July 11-15 | $285

Discover the design, making and technology behind fashion. Push boundaries as you create projects from surprising materials like duct tape and LED lights. Experiment with 3D design to create 3D printed accessories and get creative as you remix old fashions into new masterpieces.

Each camp includes:

  •  Registration for one child
  • Supervised Gallery exploration
  • Admission to a Dome Theatre Show
  • Hands-on activities


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Changes or Cancellations:

A fee of $25 will apply for cancellations up to two weeks prior to your camp start date. There will be no refunds issued after that date.

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