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Summer Camps

Age 5-6

Let's Get Messy

Dates: Jul 10-14, Jul 24-28, Jul 31-Aug 4, Aug 8-11*, Aug 21-25 | $275

In this hands-on adventure, you’ll discover the messiest ways to explore science, engineering and art. Bring your curiosity, enthusiasm (and maybe a change of clothes)….it’s time to get messy!

Age 5-6

Once Upon a Time

Dates: Jul 17-21, Jul 24-28, Jul 31-Aug 4, Aug 14-18 | $275

Innovate a safer way to get Red Riding Hood’s basket to grandma’s house, engineer a soft landing for Jack’s drop off the bean stalk and build a devious trap for wily witches. Back again, with all new stories and challenges, join us to explore the science, engineering and art skills behind our favourite fairy tales. 

Age 5-6

Junior Scientists

Dates: Age 5-6 – Jul 10-14, Jul 17-21, Aug 8-11*, Aug 14-18, Aug 21-25 | $275

Back by popular demand for another year, with a whole different set of investigations. Dive into science as we spend a week using our senses to explore the world around us!  Spend a day investigating chemical reactions, head outside to become observers of nature, experiment with buoyancy and get inspired in the Dome Theatre to create your own constellations.

Age 6-7

Mini Makers

Dates: Jul 10-14, Jul 24-28, Aug 8-11*, Aug 14-18, Aug 21-25 | $275

Get ready – it’s time for some DIY! Embark on an adventure to build skills, use real tools and, most importantly, make neat stuff. From experimenting with creating clay to making soap to contributing to a large collaborative art piece, this Camp is perfect for young creators.

Age 6-7

Out of this World

Dates: Jul 10-14, Jul 17-21, Jul 31- Aug 4, Aug 8-11*, Aug 21-25 | $275

Explore the universe!  Fly through the sky and our galaxy in our live Dome Theatre planetarium shows.  Then explore space through your own two hands as you build a spacecraft, invent hypothetical alien life and create your own space themed art pieces. 

Age 6-7

Art @ Spark

Dates: Jul 17-21, Jul 24-28, Jul 31-Aug 4, Aug 14-18 | $275

Art at the Science Centre?  You heard right!  Art @ Spark is back for another year with all new projects. Explore the fascinating patterns, colours, textures and experiments that make brilliant works of art.  Stretch your creativity as we experiment with paints and plastics, repurpose old toys into new masterpieces and contribute to a collaborative work of art to display at Spark.

Age 7-9

Skillz Quest 2.0

Dates: Jul 10-14, Jul 17-21, July 24-28, Aug 8-11*, Aug 14-18, Aug 21-25 | $275

Our most popular camp ever is back for another year with a combination of old skills to refine and new skills to build.  Your mission, should you choose to book this camp, is to gain as many real skills as you can in one week.  Earning a coveted badge for each new skill, campers can refine some of their favourite skillz from last year like fire starting, archery and woodworking. Plus, build some brand new skillz like drawing, candy making and metalworking.  Come with a taste for adventure and the courage to try something new!

**Note: Every Camper is welcome in Skillz Quest 2.0, regardless of whether or not they attended Skillz Quest last year.

Age 7-9

Spark Explorers

Dates: Jul 17-21, Jul 31-Aug 4, Aug 14-18 | $275

Experience a week full of exploring our favourite five subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM).  Extract your own DNA on Science Day. Explore robotics on Technology Day. Design and build Rube Goldberg machines on Engineering Day. Create your own paint on Art Day. Explore angles and coding to make digital art on Math Day.

Age 7-9

Wizarding World

Dates: Jul 10-14, Jul 24-28, Aug 8-11*, Aug 21-25 | $275

Spend the week building, making and exploring  elements of the magic and wizardry worlds that are all around us.  Create your own wand and magical companion animal, explore chemistry in potions class, build an invisibility cloak to fool our infrared camera and even play flightless quidditch!

Age 8-10

Tech Trends

Dates: Jul 10-14, Jul 17-21, Jul 31-Aug 4, Aug 8-11*, Aug 14-18 | $275

Dive into the world of technology and learn about robotics, 3D design and digital art.  Whether you are programming a robot (or your friend!), exploring the world through photography, or making electric inventions, technology offers a whole new world to explore!

Age 8-10

Spark Girls - Engineer It!

Dates: Jul 24-28, Aug 21-25 | $275

Calling all girls who are up for a challenge, this year our girls-only camp will be exploring the exciting world of engineering!  Can you build a chair that supports your weight out of nothing but cardboard?  Can you and your friends design and build a gravity-propelled go-kart?  And are you brave enough to test it?  Spend the week finding out!

Age 10-12

Fashion Design

Dates: Jul 31-Aug 4 | $275

Discover the design, making and technology behind fashion. Push boundaries as you create projects from surprising materials like duct tape and LED lights. Experiment with 3D design to create 3D printed accessories and get creative as you remix old fashions into new masterpieces.

Each camp includes:

  • Registration for one child
  • Supervised Gallery exploration
  • Admission to a Dome Theatre Show
  • Hands-on activities


Gold and Ignite Members receive 10% off all camp prices listed.


Changes or Cancellations:

A fee of $25 will apply for cancellations up to two weeks prior to your camp start date. There will be no refunds issued after that date.

Summer camps sponsored by FLUOR

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