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Open up a little child's world

Your donation helps children fall in love with the wonders and potential of science.
Spark’s donation program directs every dollar to science education at Spark and offsets the cost for schools with limited financial resources

Monthly means amazing

Think your donation won’t matter? It will make a big impact. But if you want to go a step further, consider making monthly donations. Monthly contributions mean that you can give a smaller amount regularly, knowing that over the long term, you’re doing something profound in your community.

Considering making your donation through securities? Spark will gladly accept them.

Please note that only donations of $19 or more (total annual contribution) will receive a charitable receipt.

Gifting securities

To facilitate the donation of securities, Spark uses the assistance of Canada Helps for reputable, secure transfers.


Spark is planning to fundraise an anticipated $1.5 million this year. We estimate the cost to raise these funds will be $375,000.

The money raised will support our education programs. For further information, please contact Stephanie De Roy at

Spark's charitable business number is 118781079 RR 0001