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Teacher Advisory Group

Applications are now closed for 2019/2020

Spark's Teacher Advisory Group

Make your mark at Spark 

Imagine using your leadership, education and experience to influence the vibrant future of education for over 70,000 local and regional students in just one year. That's how many curious students visit Spark every year! Make a mark at Spark with the NEW Teacher Advisory Group!

Spark's Teacher Advisory Group advises and supports Spark in the communication and development of K-12 Education Programs and Teacher Professional Development while strengthening each course. But this isn't like any other regular Teacher Advisory Group. Prepare to launch outside of the box. Prepare to get hands-on. Prepare to fail positive. This group works in collaboration with enthusiastic Spark staff to ensure high-quality and meaningful connections and resources for educators and their students. Change starts here.

Make your mark at Spark

Become a part of leading change in education.

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    • Role

      The group serves in an advisory capacity only, and is not a decision-making body. Break down those classroom walls and get ready to get hands-on! Teacher Advisors may engage in activities including:

      - Identifying topics and subjects of interest for school programs, resources, and professional learning

      - Sharing first-hand experiences with Spark staff regarding contemporary issues in the field

      - Providing feedback, assessment, and evaluation on Spark programs to ensure relevance to curriculum and classroom engagement

      - Piloting exciting new programs

    • Responsibilities

      - One school year term commitment with possibility of renewal upon mutual agreement Attendance at four meetings throughout the school year (in person or remotely). Failure to attend at least two of the meetings will result in Teacher Advisors becoming inactive

      - Teacher Advisors are asked to bring a group of students for a school program over the duration of their term. This program will be offered free of charge to the Teacher Advisors along with transportation

      - Attendance at a minimum of one teach open house during term

    • Benefits

      - One FREE school workshop during term. Includes program fee and transportation (cost of one bus or equivalent). Teacher Advisors will be encouraged to share the free bus with other classes from their school to optimize the capacity, but any additional classes visiting Spark will incur standard programming fees of their choice*

      - 10% discount on SHIFTLab, teacher bootcamps and other professional learning

      - Six FREE admissions provided upon start of the new calendar year. These tickets are transferrable and expire within one year

      - Volunteering with a pretty cool team at a pretty inspirational place

      *Note: If the successful Teacher Advisor is not currently in a classroom they will be able to assign their class visit to another classroom so long as they are able to collect the feedback from the teacher and students.

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