Donation Requests

Donation requests for not-for-profit/charitable organizations

Thank you for your interest in Spark. As a community-focused organization, Spark appreciates being considered to support your initiative. Please complete the Donation Request form below to request a donation for your organization/event. Requests may take up to 6 weeks to process. Only successful applicants will be contacted. Tickets are complimentary and have no resale value. Exchanges and refunds are not possible.

As a not-for-profit organization, Spark can only consider requests that have a strong connection to Spark's Mission and Vision. Further, due to the high number of requests, Spark is not able to support the following:

  • Individuals (fundraising, admissions, program registration fees and expenses)
  • Projects or organizations that are not located within and do not provide a service to the Southern Alberta community
  • Schools (except directly STEAM related)
  • Sporting events or teams
  • Monetary donation requests
  • Religious organizations 
  • Political parties
  • Professional conventions
  • Third party organizations, fraternal organizations and/or service clubs
  • For-profit organizations raising funds for employee events (i.e. golf tournaments and holiday parties)

Please note:

  • Community Access partners already receive benefits as part of their partnership with Spark and are therefore not eligible to apply for additional donations
  • Organizations may only receive one donation per calendar year (this does not apply to different chapters or regional groups of the same charitable organization).
  • A previous donation does not guarantee a subsequent donation will be provided again for a specific event
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