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Chevron Open Minds Science School

Get your class out of the classroom and into Science School.

Chevron Open Minds is a weeklong experience that provides students with the opportunity to explore, experience and develop skills to help them grow.

Focusing on the STEAM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math), your students are inspired through collaborative design projects and the integration of technology and learning through play. This journey helps students to develop a passion for science and discover the areas of science that excite them. In addition, students are encouraged to journal and reflect on their experiences, as these are important tenets of the Open Minds philosophy.

Ideas for inspiration:

  • Explore the design process. Discover the connections among engineering, innovation, technology and art through collaborative design projects.
  • Spark passion for STEAM through risk taking in a safe environment with activities designed to build courage.
  • Fuel creativity and learning through play.

Chevron Resources Canada is proud to fund this Global Best Award winning program.

Applications are now closed. 



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