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Spark's Holiday Gift Guide

December 3, 2019
Posted By: TELUS Spark

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Looking for the perfect unique gift for the geek in your life? The Spark Store is the perfect place to shop!

Cross off those holiday lists with a collection of quirky, unique, fun and science-filled goodies! 

Admission is not required to shop in the Spark Store! Register your vehicle for FREE 30 mins parking and enjoy an easy shopping trip! 

Manager of Front of House and Business Development rockstar, Kayley Evans lists her fave top products! 

"Our store staff are also super familiar with all of our products and are super passionate about helping you find the perfect gift. Here are some of my favourite products to help you find some gift inspiration for this holiday season." - Kayley Evans 

1. Periodic Tableware

Turn your kitchen into a science lab! This vendor comes from Australia and makes high quality lab grade beaker glassware for the kitchen! Each product is made out of actual borosilicate glass, which brings out scientific authenticity. Spark currently has rocks glasses, highball glasses, a cocktail shaker set, beaker shot glasses and a kettle/serving carafe. Perfect for the science foodie! 

2. Amped&Co Neon Lights 

A collection of cute neon table lamps in a variety of different shapes including a Pac-Man ghost, Unicorn Head, Pineapple, Coffee Cup and Lightbulb. Trendy for every room! 

3. Draplin Design Co.

Aaron Draplin is one of the hottest graphic designers out there right now. He has created logos for Obama, designed watches for Nixon and created posters for the beloved Sasquatch Music Festival. Get decked out in his beanies along with t-shirts, pins and hats featuring his famous Space Shuttle logo.

4. Hexbug

Robotic creepy crawly creatures! If scarab beetles and spiders aren’t your thing, Spark also has remote controlled battle bot sets, which lets two players battle for robot supremacy.

5. Baby University Series

Start them young! Chris Ferrie has created a series of fantastic baby books that introduce young minds to a variety of scientific concepts. He covers topics such as Astrophysics, Organic Chemistry, Evolution and General Relativity. He also has a great little book about the solar system called 8 Little Planets that is revered by many to be one of the best baby books ever created.

6. I Heart Guts

Interested in anatomy? I Heart Guts puts a cute spin on all things anatomical on socks, pins, stickers and other products. Great for stocking stuffers! 


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