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July 18, 2019
Posted By: Spark Science

Art at a Science Camp?

It may seem contradictory, possibly a little surprising, to host an art camp at a science centre. Should the focus here at Spark not be STEM learning?

While it’s true that the science centre is focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, there is a very crucial letter missing from the STEM acronym! Spark’s Art camp is putting the A in STEAM through hands-on experiences that help kids build a bridge between the sciences and the arts -- sometimes literally! Whether they are bridge-building, or making their own dyes for painting, Spark’s art camp allows kids to explore the science of art and create their own art experiences. 

Like all Spark camps, this program is focused less on curriculum and more on EDUtainment! Asking kids to get inspired in ways that are entirely different than they would be asked in the classroom and trusting kids with more responsibility, by allowing them to take calculated risks… like making art out of melted plastic cups where they are actually allowed to do the melting!


We hear all the time that science needs to be infused with creativity, but it is equally important to allow science to inform and inspire art! Camp creators Nathan and Zack explain how these two aspects of learning have come together for them personally:

“Science has given me a sense of inquiry and wonder that has crept into the artistic side of me… inquiry has made me ask more questions about art!”

“Research and data made me more able to memorize lines in theatre, and blocking, blocking is science! It’s triggering your memory through body language!”


The more time you spend at Spark the more you realize that art and science are truly inseparable, because so many members of the Spark team have diverse backgrounds and artistic hobbies. From science-program creators with backgrounds in theatre, to facility team members who build exhibits and also play guitar, the diversity of Spark’s team members is reflected in the diversity of Spark’s camp programming.


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