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Let's get messy! Spark Spring Camps

April 17, 2018
Posted By: Anika Khan

Spring Camps at TELUS Spark

April 2-6, 2018


Jackson Pollock was a famous artist known for his abstract drip art as well as being one of the first artists to really initiate the movement behind abstract art. This spring, our TELUS Spark camp scientists in This is Risky got to get down and dirty to create “Jackson Pollock” inspired art, using everything but paintbrushes! They were to create an abstract piece using various materials such as: spaghetti noodles, marbles, spoons, string and much more. This messy project allowed the kids (ages 7-9) to get dirty without feeling the guilt. The Jackson Pollock art project was only one of many activities these kids get to enjoy in the duration of their TELUS Spark Spring Camp adventure. TELUS Spark brings new activities every year for kids with creative minds to learn about our world.

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This year, Earth Builders campers (8-10) learned new innovative ways to help our future build a healthy, sustainable earth. These future scientists got to use practical and creative ways to develop a better understanding on how we can keep a green earth. Our friends from Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology (CAWST) joined Earth Builders to gain knowledge on basic water sanitation in developing countries. Campers got a chance to build water filters for different living situations in developing countries that prohibit families from accessing, fresh, clean water. Not only were they to come up with how to access this water, they also came up with the design of the filtration system and how to keep it sustainable. This was one of many activities campers in Earth Builders used to learn a little bit more about our world. Using teamwork, bright ideas and adding an innovative spark to the camps, Earth Builders learned to make every day tasks easier and more earth friendly. 

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If you missed out on Spring Camps 2018, TELUS Spark offers Summer Camps as well! Learn more here.