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TELUS Spark Family Sleepovers - An Experiment to build Family Science Capital

January 17, 2018
Posted By: Erin Dumenko

Family Sleepovers at TELUS Spark

Dates: Saturday, January 27 & Saturday, February 10

What is Family Science Capital?

Family Science Capital is a concept that has been emerging in research that TELUS Spark is excited about! Your Science Capital can be looked at like a suitcase in which you pack all your science-related experiences, ideas, knowledge, and attitudes.  Research evidence shows that the more science capital a young person has, the more likely they will be to pursue STEM based careers after the age of 16.  

Why is TELUS Spark offering Family Sleepovers? 

One of the best things about working at TELUS Spark is the chance to ignite an exciting vision: a community transformed by a culture of curiosity, risk-taking and problem solving. Our first ever Family Sleepover on Saturday, January 27, 2018 will launch ourselves into that very vision with the chance to build our own skills in exploring curiosity and risk-taking while undertaking new experiments. With the goal of contributing to the Science Capital of Calgary families, we are undertaking a new experiment: to offer families the chance to spend some time exploring Spark in a unique after hours environment where they can get hands-on and build positive experiences and memories together as a family. 

What activities will we be exploring at the Family Sleepovers?

These nights will have a space and astronomy focus and participants will get the chance to experiment with aerodynamics and rocket design as they build two types of air-powered rockets.  They will also take some risks and likely get a bit messy as they get hands-on while exploring how to protect a payload (egg) from a significant drop (from our second story bridge)!  The risk-taking and innovating that we have seen in the Egg Drop activity in the past has always blown us away, so we can’t wait to see what Calgary families will come up with during this round.  There will also be a chance to check out the night sky with one of our telescopes and explore space virtually in a live Dome Theatre show. 

This is the first time we have offered this type of experience and we are hopeful that it will make a positive impact on the Science Capital of the family who attend.  So what are you up to on January 27 or February 10? If you’re free, you should join us in building some memories!