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7 Tips to Make Your Adults Only Night Totally Awesome

July 6, 2015
Posted By: TELUS Spark

First-timer to Adults Only Night? Here are our top 7 suggestions to make your night out at the science centre totally awesome.

1. Get your tickets online.

Adults Only Night is wildly popular and we love it that way – a full house gives you the opportunity to engage with vibrant people from all over the city (see tip 6 about talking to strangers). However, all those fabulous people wanting to check us out leads to some not so fabulous lineups at the door. Our top tip: grab your admission online and print your tickets to reduce your wait. Learn about current ticket options here

Tips for AON get your tickets3

2. Don’t be afraid to look weird – you’re in the company of fellow nerds.

Adults Only Night always has some fun and engaging activities; emphasis on engaging. That means you’ll need to get your hands dirty, dive in, and try something that might be a little out of your comfort zone to get the most out of what the evening has to offer. Get right in there and don’t be afraid to show your friends – or your date – the genius that is you.

Tips for AON dont be afraid to look weird2

3. Wear comfortable shoes.

The science centre is big – we’re talking 153,000 square feet big – and you’ll be roaming all over the facility to find the unique experiences planned for the evening. Wear shoes you’ll be happy standing, moving and playing in for the whole night. And while we’re talking attire, we also recommend something comfortable, so you could conquer the tower and slide in the Brainasium or scramble through the climber in the Creative Kids Museum.

Tips for AON wear comfy shoes

4. Know before you go.

So much is happening during Adults Only Night, and while we’re all for spontaneity, we don’t want you to miss out on anything – so come with a plan. We list the night's experiences on our website in the days leading up to every Adults Only Night. Screens and signs throughout the building will also highlight what's happening and when.

Beverages aren’t allowed in the galleries, so we recommend starting the evening with a drink and exploring the Atrium before making your way through the rest of the centre.

Tips for AON know before you go

5. Mix it up!

Adults Only Night is filled with interesting interpretations of the evening’s theme. From innovative organizations sharing what they do, to hands-on activities and 150+ exhibits, it can be a lot to take in. If you need a change of pace, slow it down with a talk at the Inspiration Stage or pick up tickets to a Dome Theatre show.

Tips for AON mix it up

6. Talk to strangers.

We know, your Mom always told you never to do this, but we’re (mostly) all grown-up now and talking to strangers can be fun! Adults Only Night brings together many different types of organizations from the community – they will be running programs, sharing the work that they do and engaging with our visitors in fun ways. To get the most out of what they have to share – their innovative ideas or unique community impact – strike up a conversation. Better yet, chat with other visitors! We’re all here to get our geek on, so share a few ideas while you’re getting your hands dirty or trying something new.

Tips for AON talk to strangers

7. Travel green and get home safely.

We love to travel green. TELUS Spark is under a 15-minute walk from the Zoo C-Train station. If pedal-power is more your style, you’ll be glad to hear we’re located right along Calgary’s bikeway system. If you’re arriving by bike, we have free bike parking at the front entrance. Please remember a light for your route home after dark.

Beer + Science = Fun, but only if you get home safely. For your enjoyment during Adults Only Night, several bars are set up throughout the centre and the Café serves pub-style food. The bar in the Café also tends to have a smaller line. If you do intend to imbibe, a designated driver is a great way to go. Services like Keys Please can also get you home safely. And, we’ve tested the experiment – beer doesn’t make you a better cyclist either.

See you at the next Adults Only Night!


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