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The sun is shining. Let's get outside and play!

March 1, 2016
Posted By: TELUS Spark

The snow is melting, the air is fresh and we’re able to go outside without a ski jacket again. Spring is almost here! Families all over Calgary are coming out of hibernation to enjoy the sunshine. The best place to get your blood pumping and your brain buzzing is The Brainasium – an incredible outdoor park filled with big challenges and outdoor adventure. After all, you can’t spell TELUS Spark without ‘park’.


Blog Brainasium tower2

If sky-high swings, a 36-foot tower and a six-person teeter totter sound intriguing to you, then you’ll have no problem spending hours in The Brainasium.  For starters, you can climb up the tower to conquer your fears and then coast 63 feet down western Canada’s largest stainless steel slide. At a staggering 93 feet long, the logjam provides ample room to practice your scrambling abilities and improve your balancing skills. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to touch the sky, check out the swings – built for both the child in all of us as well as our actual children. If you’re still curious, climb over the giant molecules, balance the swing scales, move five tonnes of rock without breaking a sweat or simply go exploring.

Blog Brainasium Molecules

The Brainasium was built to encourage risky play and to grow your brain. Neuroscientists have found connections between healthy brains and healthy bodies. So, while you’re leaping from log to log or whizzing down the slide, you’re actually growing your brain. It’s important for children's development to play every day. Play teaches you how to make decisions. While you’re playing in The Brainasium, try to come up with a fun game and expand your problem solving skills along the way. Perhaps the ground is lava; maybe you’re an explorer in a new land. Let your inner inventor out and get your play on!

Blog Brainasium Logjam

Open year-round, The Brainasium has become a guest favourite where open-ended play sees no bounds. It’s doubled in size since it first opened and there’s over 15 experiences to explore, making it the perfect place for families who have outgrown the Creative Kids Museum. Jump, soar, teeter, climb and slide during your next visit to TELUS Spark. Some of the best views can be found at the top of the tower, especially on a sunny day. The next time your family is looking for something extraordinary to do outside, try The Brainasium.