TELUS Spark Calgary's Science Centre

Roadmap for the 2020s

Ambitious changes are coming to Spark

Let's go on a road trip!

Spark, Calgary’s science centre, is a city jewel. When it opened in its current location in 2011, it was the first purpose-built science centre in the country in 25 years. It houses the largest dome theatre in western Canada. Spark attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors a year and launches blockbuster shows. It changes lives and opens doors to the world of science, technology and invention.

However, leaders can never be complacent

Like every creative project, Spark requires an infusion of new ideas to thrive in an environment of continuous change – especially when it comes to engaging adult audiences and supporting the creation of new ventures, jobs and economic opportunities.

That’s what this Roadmap for the 2020s does. It realigns the daily successes at Spark with an ambitious new aspiration.

Getting there in a nutshell

Change is the new constant


Fundraising Begins


Renovation Begins


New Atrium and Dome Open


First Gallery Opens. Digital ta-da!


Additional Galleries Open


Transformations Celebrated

Where the rubber meets the road - Roadmap for the 2020s


Spark's core purpose is shared with the world as a promise

  • Connect emotionally
  • Treasure current and attract new audiences
  • Make every visit easy
  • Meet people where they live financially
  • Keep conversations going digitally


Spark's programming and built environment will deliver on the promise

  • Make each visit memorable
  • Offer unexpected experiences
  • Connect group experiences with the venue
  • Expand youth opportunities
  • Offer a wide range of things to do
  • Provide unique adult spaces and experiences


Spark will invest in its people so they can offer creative and captivating experiences every day, with skill and ease

  • Walk the talk of expertise in science and innovation
  • Incorporate multiple ways of knowing
  • Connect with creative communities
  • Be a meeting place for science and culture
  • Make each visit feel alive and current

Affinity for science has never been more important

You can help.

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