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Spring Camps

Age 5-6

Science of Yuck

Dates: March 27-31 | $275

Roll up your sleeves, pack your curiosity and courage and join us for a week of investigating all things that make us say “eww!”  Find out what snot is really for then use chemistry to create your own. Safely investigate the wonderful world of mould. Learn to identify animal poop then use it to inspire your own disgustingly tasty snack.

Age 6-7

Light & Colour

Dates: March 27-31 | $275

Unravel the colourful connections between science and art! Get hands-on with experiments about colour and discover how to use light and shadows to make works of art. 

Age 6-7

Kitchen Scientists

Dates: March 27-31 | $275

Discover the fascinating science, engineering and art skills that you can develop using just the items found in your kitchen.  Mix up some fizzy chemistry experiments, test the engineering potential of noodles and even create a few edible experiments too.

Age 7-9

Built It

Dates: March 27-31 | $275

Get ready to put your engineering and creativity skills to the test as we spend the entire week on a series of building projects.  Challenges this week will include transforming a classroom into a giant cardboard city, building a load-bearing structure out of nothing but newspaper and inventing, creating and prototyping with K’nex and Lego.

Age 8-10

Mission Projectile

Dates: March 27-31 | $275

This week we’ll be investigating the wonderful world of things that can be launched, flown and fired. Build catapults, launch rockets and practice your archery target shooting. This week is sure to be an exciting one!

Each camp includes:

  • Registration for one child
  • Supervised Gallery exploration
  • Admission to a Dome Theatre Show
  • Hands-on activities

Changes or Cancellations:

A fee of $25 will apply for cancellations up to two weeks prior to your camp start date. There will be no refunds issued after that date.

Parent's FAQ