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Grades K to 3

For Grades K to 3

We offer a number of programs for your field trip and welcome groups with multiple classes. Each experience is booked for a 30 student maximum to ensure program quality and accessibility. 

Larger groups will be encouraged to book a second workshop. Prices are per class, and are exclusive of any applicable GST. One complimentary teacher admission is included. In addition, chaperones will also receive complimentary admission. Chaperone ratio and is 1 per 5 students. Additional chaperones will be charged an admission fee. Students must remain with supervising adults at all times when visiting TELUS Spark.

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Grades K-2

Ecosystem Engineers

Offered only on Sep - Oct & Mar - June | Outdoor Program - Dress Accordingly

  • 90 min | $270
  • K - The child demonstrates curiosity, interest and a willingness to learn about the environment and community. The child uses materials in the environment and community and becomes aware of how others use materials.

    GRADE 1 – Senses, Needs of Plants and Animals, Building Things

    GRADE 2 – Small Crawling and Flying Animals

Explore our natural world using the tools of real scientists! Your students will explore ecosystems and solve problems the way scientists do.  In this highly experiential workshop, students engage their senses, learn about the needs of plants and animals and test their creativity by building a mini habitat using natural materials.  This workshop is conducted outdoors please be prepared for the weather.


Grades K-1

Making Mixtures

  • 60 min | $245
  • Science Inquiry
  • Critical Thinking & Systems Thinking, Scientific Literacy

Take a step into the delightful world of chemistry. By pouring and scooping, students will create various mixtures and use their senses to describe what is happening.


Grades K-1

Explore The Sky

  • 30 min | $245
  • (K): Early Literacy, Creative Expression
    (G1): Seasonal Changes
  • Creativity and Intellectual Curiosity, Critical Thinking, Cross Disciplinary Thinking, Visual Literacy, Basic Literacy

Discover the reasons behind the seasons and join in as we share stories about the stars. Did you know that there’s a giant ice cream cone made of star clusters in the sky? Or, that there is an entire epic Greek tale being played out above our heads every night? With the help of the students, we will make the sky come alive.


Grades K-1

Sensory Wonders

  • 60 min | $245
  • Senses
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Initiative and Self-Direction

Our senses are very important to help us discover things about the world around us. Together, your students will explore different sense-based activities to test how our senses work and to learn that everybody's senses work differently.


Grades K-3

Math In Motion: Shapes & Patterns

Available on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

  • 60 min | $245
  • Math - Numbers, Patterns and Relations, Shape and Space
  • Physical Education-Basic Skills- Locomotor, Non-locomotor and Manipulative

Can you trace a circle with your elbows? Can you create patterns with your body? Come and explore pattern, shape and number manipulation through movement. TELUS Spark and Decidedly Jazz Danceworks have teamed up to create a total unique learning experience.


Grades 1-3

Junior Architects

  • 60 min | $245
  • Building Things; Building with a Variety of Materials
  • Problem Solving, Collaboration, Creativity

Starting with an inspiring story of a budding young architect, students will use materials to create a nearly lifesize structure they would want in their community.


Grade 2

Floating and Boating

  • 60 min | $245
  • Buoyancy and Boats
  • Communication, Intellectual Curiosity, Systems Thinking, Visual Literacy, Scientific Literacy, Cross Disciplinary Thinking

Students will work in teams and test the buoyancy of a variety of materials.  Then they will use found materials to build a specific type of boat to conquer unique challenges.  This program is “knot” to be missed.


Grade 2

Spark Trek

Some areas in this program are not accessible by elevator

  • 60 min | $245
  • Heat and Temperature
  • Critical Thinking; Curiosity

Travel deep into the heart of the Science Centre to learn all about how a LEED Gold Standard building regulates temperature and circulates heat. On this tour, you will boldly go where few have gone before.


Grade 2

Magnet Mission

  • 60 min | $245
  • Magnetism
  • Creativity & Intellectual Curiosity; Scientific Literacy

What are magnets? How do they work? Investigate the properties of magnets and apply this knowledge to solve our magnet challenges!


Grade 3

Science of Mental Health

  • 120 min | $450

The last frontier of science – our brains! In this highly interactive workshop students engage with biosensors, technology and brain models to learn about the science of mental health.  Exploring how the brain works and using brain models, students develop appreciation for the science behind our mental health. Students go on an exploratory journey using biosensors and iPads to understand their own reactions to positive and negative stress and use simple techniques to help their brain be the best it can be. Developed in partnership with leading experts in mental health, this workshop was created with the support of Alberta Health Services, Calgary Board of Education, Calgary Separate School Division, Rocky View Schools, Palix Foundation, University of Calgary, Morneau Sheppell and the Ministry of Community and Social Services.  


Grade 3

Good Vibrations

  • 40 min | $245
  • Hearing and Sound
  • Critical Thinking

What is sound? Where does it come from? How do we hear it? Students will enjoy various sound experiments that our presenter will “pitch” their way. This live demonstration is sure to “resonate” with every participant!


Grades 2-3

Take a Closer Look

  • 60 min | $245
  • Science Inquiry
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Communication and Collaboration

Zoom in and explore what the world looks like up close. Discover what can be observed and what can be revealed when you introduce a microscope or other tools to expand your viewing range.


Grade 3

Ball Runs

  • 60 min | $245
  • Testing Materials and Designs, Building with a Variety of Materials
  • Creativity and Innovation; Communication and Collaboration

Students will face a series of design challenges, constructing simple machines to move marbles, that will stretch their creativity, collaboration and problem solving skills.


Grade 3

Building for Sound

  • 60 min | $245
  • Building With a Variety of Materials, Testing Materials and Designs; Hearing and Sound
  • Creativity and Innovation; Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Students will explore how sound interacts with different materials and discover how particular material properties can be used to absorb or reflect sound. Sound meters are used to test their construction success.


Grade 3

Action, Reaction Contraption

  • 90 min | $270
  • Science – Physical Science; Building with a Variety of Materials and Testing Materials and Designs
  • Critical Thinking and Systems Thinking

Design, build and test elements of your very own Chain Reaction Machine. Challenge your students with hands-on STEAM concepts and skills in this creative and collaborative workshop.